Why I Choose Gospel

I like music, entertainment, art, culture and fashion. And it just so happens to center around The Gospel! Read Album Reviews, Bible Study Notes, Gospel Entertainment News, Watch a Video or Listen to a New Song!  So Comment, Share, and Follow, I Choose Gospel! I hope it encourages you, makes you think and gives you insight into the world that is The Gospel. -Tashia

7 thoughts on “Why I Choose Gospel

  1. Hey Tashia, great blog! Look forward to reading more

  2. need more this!!!!!!!!!!!!!thnx

  3. Gospel rule.keep d flag flying.

  4. So proud of you. I’d like to see an article or layout on this question or debate: “Do Some Gospel Artist Dress Too Sexy?” I’m just curious about other Christians’ opinions. I’m all for sexy, but sexy is not synonymous with showing lots of skin. Would love for you to address this topic, haven’t seen it anywhere else 🙂 Thanks

  5. Hey Tashia, Love your blog. Hey, what do you think about indie gospel artists? I love the group Hostyle Gospel, but they never on award shows….

    • I love indie gospel artist, one of the main reasons I started the blog. My love and respect for their artistry was really bred after I attended the Stellar Awards and a few other events!! I’ve never heard of Hostyle Gospel, but I’ll look them up!!! Thanks for hittin up the blog! Come Back Again!!! God Bless!

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