Christon Gray Readies “School of Roses” LP @christongray

Oh, how excited I am!  Thanks to Josh of SOHH PR, for hitting me up about the upcoming release of Christon Gray’s “School of Roses” debut LP due out on March 25th! The album is available for pre-order for $6.99 right now on iTunes! 

PrintSo, real quick a little about this handsome, young man, Christon Gray:  Age 27, musically gifted to write, sing, rap, produce and design.  His sound is a premium blend of classical, jazz, gospel, soul, pop and even rap in a sophisticated manner.  His inspirations range from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Bill Withers, Earth Wind and Fire, to Paul McCartney, Marvin Winans, Lauryn Hill, The Roots and Alicia Keys.  In 2006, he entered the Christian Rap genre writing, rapping, singing and producing with the Christian rap group, The Elevationists.  His debut solo album, entitled, “Even With Evil With Me”, released July 2011 and is available on iTunes. Christon is a featured artist on label mate Swoope’s critically acclaimed album “Wake Up” and featured on the widely received Lecrae mix tape “Church Clothes”. Collision is excited to have him as part of the family and to see what the Lord will do through him as an ambassador through music. Christon is part of the collective WLAK (We Live As Kings) with the self titled album “WLAK (We Live As Kings)” released last year.

Christon now prepares the release of “School of Roses”  under the Collision Records label.  Of “School of Roses” it is said that, “Life tends to school all of us as it teaches us lessons that we can only learn through our own set of personal experiences. School of Roses is that set of personal experiences for Christon Gray, offering a translucent album of ups and downs in his pursuit of Jesus—no filters, no masks. Christon Gray leads us on the emotional trail that shows his heart, Jesus’ love, and hopefully, your need for him daily.”

I can’t wait!  I love Christon’s past projects and mixtapes and from the videos of the making of “School of Roses” the music is going to be so dope! You HAVE to get this in your collection on March 25th!   The blending of musical sounds that Christon uses within the gospel realm really help to set him apart from the rest.  He doesn’t box himself in.  There’s real artistry and musicality on display through Christon and his music.    Working on production along with Christon himself are notables such as B. Reith, Wit, Tragic Hero and Wes Pendleton, just that alone could make this THAT album to cop!! “School of Roses” will also feature artists, Swoope, B. Reith and JGivens on a few tracks and we are getting 14 dope tracks to take on the album’s concept:

“This is not an album written to purposely avoid Jesus in every song with the hope to get acclaim and break mainstream—who cares about that? Seriously, please do not put us in that box. The content is written in such a way that you have to get through Christon’s mess and faults—as well as yours—in order to appreciate the love of Christ that is at the end of the album. “Arena” is the culmination. We are forcing all listeners to really listen to the whole album or do not listen at all. So, just as in the Bible, the full culmination of Jesus’s message is realized at the end of the book in Revelation, at the new heaven and the new earth, not at the beginning in Genesis.  How to listen to the album: As mentioned above, this is an album to experience Christon’s temptations, struggles, and overall internal conflict that comes with growing up; the end being Jesus’s love and amazement with him, and love for mankind, despite our mess and struggles to love Him and one another.”

Check out for yourself a video of the Making of School of Roses by Christon Gray below. Connect with Christon Gray via his social media outlets : Twitter- @christongray | Facebook- Christon Gray Music

WLAK- Cypher (Imagine) Official Video

wlakWLAK (We Live As Kings), the latest collab effort from Collision Records.  I swear CHH rappers be stunting on the Rick Ross’, Kayne’s, Wale’s and 2 Chainz of today!  Check out the latest video from Collision Records WLAK ft. Dre’ Murray, Swoope, Alex Faith and Christon Gray.  WLAK is set to release 3-5-13. For more on Collision Records the the WLAK album GO HERE!