WLAK- Cypher (Imagine) Official Video

wlakWLAK (We Live As Kings), the latest collab effort from Collision Records.  I swear CHH rappers be stunting on the Rick Ross’, Kayne’s, Wale’s and 2 Chainz of today!  Check out the latest video from Collision Records WLAK ft. Dre’ Murray, Swoope, Alex Faith and Christon Gray.  WLAK is set to release 3-5-13. For more on Collision Records the the WLAK album GO HERE!

Alex Faith Free Album “Honest 2 God”

Get into new music from Alex Faith and download the album for FREE!!

Newest Collision Records artist Alex Faith has released a FREE album titled “Honest 2 God”. “Honest 2 God” represents Alex Faith’s courage to live honestly before God and people. “It’s really me just being honest, writing songs about how I feel about things,” he explains. “I am convinced that the courage to be yourself often happens when you see someone else doing the same. Honest to God is my approach of doing just that. I’m writing music for people who can identify with my experiences, and even appreciate them.”

Music Share || Swoope “Dreamslave/Murder Me Prelude

3.20.12 is the date that you can pick up this wonderful album from Swoope.  The Akron, OH native brings us “Wake Up” his highly anticipated album off of the Collision Records label.  It’s already being deemed the best hip hop album (secular and CHH) of the year.  You still need convincing well check out a track from the album below: and if you still need more, check out the live listening session over at Rapzilla.com before it’s too late! *UPDATE 3.20.12: Purchase the Album HERE!

Dreamslave|Murder Me Prelude ft. Christon Gray & Eshon Burgundy|Wake Up-3.20.12:

Hello Revolution || High Society *Update Music Share*

High Society Collective keeps it moving.  Introducing Hello Revolution:

5 Thoughts on Gospel This Week!

So here are 5 things that have caught my attention in Gospel this past week from The Gospel Guru!

1. Travis Malloy releases his remix to Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”.  Now at first I was upset, cause you just don’t take baby girls stuff and change it up like that!! I miss me  some Aaliyah! At first listen I wasn’t too much feeling his rendition, but by the time he hit the first chorus, Baby, I was hooked! Travis’ vocal abilities, YAS! Travis is a rising star in gospel and he did pretty well on the short track. I would be interested in him doing the whole song!  You can check it out on The Gospel Guru’s website!  For more info on the man, Travis Malloy check his Official Website!

2. *le sigh* I promise, I am a fan of Le’Andria Johnson! I’m no music insider, no established critic, nor am I rubbing elbows with the gospel greats (not yet!). But this album cover for her “Christmas Best” album, Chile Bye! I can only simply speak from a fan perspective and just because you are gospel doesn’t mean I cut slack. This is still a business! I need for her team to get it together! Come on Mathew!!

3. Soul Train Music Awards: Best Gospel Performance Nominees:

“I Smile” – Kirk Franklin
“Walking” – Mary Mary
“Heaven Hear My Heart” – Trin-I-Tee 5:7
“I Believe” – James Fortune ft. Shawn McLemore
“More” – Cece Winans

Of course I want to my girls T57 to win this, but really I think Kirk Franklin has this in the bag! Make sure to catch the Soul Train Awards broadcasting on both BET and Centric, November 27 at 9pm/8c.

4. Sounds of Blackness-“Fly Again” Official Music Video- Umm yea, I love me some Sounds of Blackness, but this here vidjeo…not so much. You can check it out HERE and judge for yourself. The track though BANGS, and the lead vocals from Jamecia Bennett, Girl!! Their self titled album is available in stores now and online, so pick up your copy today!

5.  High Society gears up to release their first single on October 31, 2011, entitled “Devil”.  Their album is set to be released late November. High Society is made up of members J.R., Swoope, Suzy Rock and Sho Baraka(who abuptly left Reach Records earlier this year). Not sure how to feel about this group, individually I dig J.R. & Sho and since seeing Suzy at the Rehab tour she’s peeked my interests as well. I am not too familiar with Swoope, but I follow him on twitter and he seems like a cool dude. I will be looking forward to hearing what this group puts out! For more on High Society peep their ThisIsHigh Website.