WATCH: M.P.H. (Man Praisin Hard) “Doubting Tom” Official Video

doorwayI really like this dude! MPH (Man Praisin Hard) is real, raw and authentic.  I love how he presents the gospel and life, straight no chaser.  His first mixtape Critical Condition was my introduction to this budding artist.  Now MPH sets out to release Critical Condition Pt. 2 on May 31st. The project will be a FREE download, so I want you to have no excuses when it comes time to support this brother!

Check out the official video for one of his new joints, “Doubting Tom”. I hear the growth, love the track and I am excited to hear more!


 BIO: 21 year-old Atlanta rapper MPH is not your everyday artist. He began writing and producing music at eight years old and is always setting new trends in hip-hop. With a long history of successful independent albums, and performances alongside grammy heavy-hitters Patti LaBelle, John Legend, and others, MPH sets out to release his most authentic and creative work yet. Before you skip over the gift and fresh air MPH provides, check out his music and brace yourself for HITS.

Man Praisin Hard Releases New Project “Critical Condition Pt. 2”

CriticalConditionP2The 21 year old Atlanta rapper is back from an 18 month music hiatus with “Critical Condition Pt. 2”. Set to release for FREE download on May 31st, MPH announces the mixtape as the final chapter in the series. Alex Faith, Tyshane, and others add their touches to ensure DJ TouchScreen and MPH give you the most “Critical” music release of the summer!

For more on MPH Check out his music video for My Block and check out his last project “Critical Condition”, that joint is still a banger.  I can’t wait for the new project’s release!

TWITTER: @ManPraisinHard
LABEL TWITTER: @ProphesiedRec

MPH (Man Praisin Hard)- “On My Block” Official Music Video

mphMPH (Man Praisin Hard) is back with his latest single “On My Block” lifted from the dope mixtape “Critical Condition”.  You really should check out this budding artist.  I like everything about MPH, his style, his flow, his real and honest approach to the faith. And I feel like I’m still learning more about this dude.

Get into the visual for “On My Block” below.  The song speaks about preaching outside of the walls of the church.  Let’s take to gospel to those who really need it!  Make sure you pick up the FREE download of “Critical Condition”. For more on MPH check out his YOUTUBE , TWITTER and WEBSITE links!

Man Praisin Hard New Music- “Critical Condition” Free Download

This was sent to I CHOOSE GOSPEL, check it out…

“MPH (Man Praisin Hard) is a 20 year old rapper from Atlanta. His goal is to provoke a generation to turn to Christ by creating REAL HIP HOP MUSIC! He makes music for those who love hip hop but will never step foot in the church.  “Critical Condition” was released on July 26, 2012 and is available for FREE HERE!  

Man Praisin Hard’s “Critical Condition” mixtape was created to represent the millions of people who are one critical decision away from following Christ or following Satan. He begins the mixtape in the most critical condition ever; contemplating suicide. The tape progresses and gradually pulls away from the flesh and grows toward the love of God. The listener is able to feel and relate to the life situations MPH describes and finds them self replaying the 25 minute mixtape to relive the “Critical” story. For more on MPH check out the official website:” (-Artist Bio)

Now, I am new to MPH and was ready to write this project completely off as I was not phased by the bravado included in the email. I mean they were really trying their best to sell this as the “BEST Mixtape EVER!”   I began to listen to it and after several listens, I am still having mixed emotions.  Yet, my cons of project are out weighed by my positive thoughts and feelings, that YES, I believe this is a mixtape worth downloading.  I love the Intro, the emotion, the realness, the sense of urgency, awesome.  Then the second track, I think would have been better with a deep male vocal on the hook.  Also I was starting to think that MPH’s lyrical flow needed some maturing. By the third track, I was appreciating MPH’s lyrical content and his flow here, this track is very reminiscent of the old school rhyming cyphers, I like that!  There are a few short tracks that really grind hard: the lyrics, the beats, MPH is doing his thing and I am following behind nicely! Still, MPH loses me when it comes to “Apologies”, it seems very experimental, and out-of-place on the project, a nice try but not my bowl of soup.  But the closing track, WOW, leaves you wanting more.  So yea, I am all over the place with this project, but do download it for yourself and see what’s up!