Video Share || Lecrae feat. Mali Music “Tell The World” Official Music Video

Tell The World by Lecrae is about broadcasting the new creature you are in Christ and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.  In his new video Lecrae creatively matches the undertone of the song with visuals of his recent Unashamed Tour stops around the US and the trip Reach Records took to South Africa.  The song features great vocals from Mali Music, resonating a very catchy hook that will have you singing along and ready to Tell The World…You’re Brand New!! Check out the Official Music Video below!! And be sure to catch Mali Music in the Synergy Tour alongside B. Reith this Fall!

Lecrae- “Gravity”- It All Comes Down

I’m low-key hype about the next release coming from Lecrae.  “Gravity” drops 9*4*12.  I can admit, I wasn’t into the first single “I Know” much, but by the time “Tell The World ft. Mali Music” hit, I was on board.  I’m really looking forward to hearing “Lucky Ones ft Rudy Currence!! Gravity will be Lecrae’s sixth studio album release and this fall the fellas will hit the road with the Unashamed Tour 2012: Come Alive.  Make sure you go out to support on September 4th.

B. Reith and Mali Music- The Synergy Tour

 I just seen a tweet come across my timeline and it has me all kinds of excited!  Still in the infant stages, The Synergy Tour is set to come to a city near you this fall and I’m ready!! I missed out on both B. Reith and Mali Music when they were apart of the Xist Music Misfits Tour.  B. Reith dropped his latest album “How The Story Ends,” in November of  2011 (that I just purchased), and I also got to watch him perform at the Bonnerfide Radio “The Live Experience” Anniversary party.  I’ve been a low-key fan of B. Reith and seeing him perform and rocking out to his album lately has been an amazing experience.

Of course we are all ANXIOUSLY waiting for Mali Music!  After grasping the attention of millions at last years BET Awards Music Matters showcase, signing with Akon (management deal) and releasing an awesome single and music video (The Job Experience) on BET’s 106 and Park, I am beside myself with excitement for his next album release “Mali Is.”  Still no word of a release date, but with this new tour, it can’t be much longer.  I will keep my eye posted on The Synergy Tour website and keep you guys informed of dates and cities as they become available.  This will be a wonderful and awesome tour, so start getting your coins ready!!

MOVE Tour + New Mali Music…Music!

Just announced and days after signing Yaves Ellis to their elite roster of artists; via the Xist Music Website, the fellas of Xist have announced a new tour to start summer of 2012: the Move Tour.  This comes fresh off of the heels of the very popular and successful Misfit Tour from last year!  I am VERY excited and pray that they come to a city near me! I missed the Misfit Tour, but did have an opportunity to see The Ambassador and DA T.R.U.T.H. in a special concert! So keep visiting or for more details as they are released! So far lined up: Jai, DA T.R.U.T.H, The Ambassador, B. Reith, Sean Simmons, Jessica Reedy. Shai Linne and DJ-Mal-Ski.  That alone is a GREAT line up, but I can think of a few more to add!!!

There’s two new singles from Mali Music for you to check out! The Gospel Guru has them for you!!!! “That Name” and “Walk On Water” will be avail on his highly anticipated album “Mali Is”.  So head on over to for a free listen!!! “That Name” really rocks!!!! I can’t wait for the album release, Jesus!!!

Album Review || Kierra Sheard ( @kierrasheard ) “Free” ft Bold Right Life Choir

Kierra Sheard is a new woman, as evident on her fourth album entitled “Free”.  Kierra is engaged (to a pastor), a college grad and her ministry, Bold Right Life is growing!  I for one am happy for all of her accomplishments. Let’s dig into to her latest album, because if she would have release ANOTHER Kiki’s-mixtape-collection-playlist, I was going to go off!! LOL!

Track 1- War (Free Album Version)- Yup, this song opens up the deluxe version. It’s a great war cry song, but not in the usual sense! Instead of chanting about taking up arms to fight off the enemy, here Kierra leads us to look to God first, to ask for more of Christ and His spirit!! We can’t take the devil unless we first have God leading the way! JDS at the helm of this track in production! I love it! The chord break down in the middle!! YAS!

Track 2- Mighty- One of the lead singles, I really enjoy Mighty! I just jam along with BRL!!! Kierra is already known as a vocal powerhouse! I mean she is the daughter of Karen Clark Sheard, granddaughter of Mattie Moss Clark! So need to talk about vocals, just make mention of how mature her voice is getting!

Track 3- You Are– It’s clear that Kierra is here for new work! She isn’t just giving us songs to entertain us! She has a purpose and a goal in mind! I am enjoying the recording of these live tracks! You Are is my favorite track! I enjoy that JDS (her brother Drew) is lending his style but still maintains to give us Kierra! She has always been current and so far this record is hitting all good points!

Track 4- Desire– After a praise breaking interlude and the Pastor dismissing the band from the stage, (all in good fun), Kierra slows it up some for a great worship tune. This really isn’t a different sound for Kierra and I do like the CCM-ish sound her, and I am just glad that she is giving us different musical stylings with this album. Listening to this track, Kierra is really carving out a place for herself amongst gospel artist. I just feel like she’s taking a different route than her previous albums. Like she’s not trying to fit into any certain box, she’s creating her own! And the passion and emotion begins! When is the last time you heard someone her age declare the gospel like her?

Track 5- Free– Continuing to keep this worship experience going, Kierra gives us Free.  How great it is to truly be free in the Lord. Mentally get captured as BRL and Kierra lead us into surrendering our all to God! Then she speaks the Blood of Jesus against all demonic attacks plaguing our people!! I love this Kierra! I thought we got her on the “This Is Me” album, but chile!!! This more matured and preachy Kierra!! I love!

Track 6-Indescribable– This is a great remake/cover of the Chris Tomlin version! You are Amazing God!! Just…speechless…what a great experience this album is turning out to be. I so wish that I was there at the time of this recording! I’m jealous! LOL! Kierra is preaching on this album!

Track 7- People ft S.O.M.- A calling to walk in the authority that God has deemed for us to have. Kierra keeps it youthful against a funky and groovy track!  Almost has an old school feel to it but with new school elements! I like it! I think they had a good time with this one!

Track 8- Victory ft James Fortune– I hear a lot of folks say that this one is their favorite track. Kierra is not disappointing! Declare your victory! I don’t really think James Fortune was necessary on here. I like James, but I feel like maybe he was on here just for name’s sake, ya know to draw in the older crowd, but James isn’t old either so…yea! LOL, I don’t know, he just wasn’t needed in my opinion! Love the ending chant, Celebrate New Life!!

Track 9-Believer Evolved- JDS steps up to the front here.  This track isn’t a live recording but studio.  Again, I like how we get the freshness that is JDS but toned and molded to who Kierra is.  It is a little weird to have all of these live tracks and then all of a sudden be thrown a studio track. The transition is as smooth as it can be I suppose, but you definitely get a different feel between the two.

Track 10-Back 2 Earth Not my favorite track, but its cool.  I don’t really have much to say about this one. It’s not a bad track, it calms me down and I just vibe to it, that’s all.

Track 11-Lane ft JDS– Wait I thought all of these songs kinda featured JDS, lol.  Now I really like this one! The beat go hard and JDS and Kierra singing together! YAS!!! Just do you and play your lane, cause you can’t do what they do and get what God has for you!!!!

Track 12- Since I Found Christ ft. Mali Music & JDS– Another banger and you CAN’T go wrong with Mali!!! Two thumbs up!!! I’m still jamming!!! Loves Kierra’s swag on this, lol!!!

Track 13-Ready To Go Kierra girl! JDS did that good producing here!! I love the beat here. JDS is so up there with Kanye, Timberland and Pharrell!  I like this song. This reminds me of something that could have been on her previous albums, but it’s cool here too.

Final Thoughts: This album for me seems to encompass the feeling of two different albums, being fused into one. I must say I enjoyed the live tracks far better than the studio tracks. I hear and feel more growth in Kierra as an artist in the live tracks, and they speak more to me as a listener.  The latter half (studio tracks) are good, but can be very reminiscent of her previous works. The transition from live to studio left me a little jagged, but really how could you make it smoother? I think the live tracks are for her fans who have grown with her and the studio tracks lend to bring in new fans! It works both ways to the good for Kierra. She’s becoming her own and I love that for her! Her confidence is there, she’s walking into new things in her personal life and her happiness has spilled out onto this album! Kudos to JDS as well! I give this album a 3.5 out of 5. Keep up with Kierra Sheard’s ministry check out her Official Bold Right Life Webpage and pick up the album in stores everywhere or download from iTunes! #SupportGospelMusic

@MaliMusic “Go” -Video Share

SN: I’m still hype off of the Job Experience!  Okay, I really like when an artist listens to their fans and their concerns.  Here Mali Music answers us about the move to having his career managed by Akon. This is all to familiar in the gospel world. Us saints don’t take to kindly of “secular” folk overseeing our gospel artist and such! Take Trin-i-tee 5:7 for example, folks are still pressed that they are working with Mathew Knowles and Music World Gospel.  With Mali, I did turn up an eyebrow at first but then quickly realized how good for his career this will be. Akon has pull that unfortunately many execs, labels, etc.; in gospel don’t have. I don’t believe for a minute that Mali will change. God has given him an opportunity to go forward and well when God says go….you GO!

@MaliMusic “The Job Experience” Official Music Video

Finally! I’ve been waiting to find the link to post this!! I wanted much to review this video because its amazing!! Mali Music is back and is gearing up to release his second album entitled Mali Is in January 2012.  Mali stopped by BET’s 106 and Park to perform (“I Hate You”- The 2econd Coming) and drop off his new video for “The Job Experience”.

It was great to see the man in action on stage and on a platform such as 106!  It appeared that he was well received and he also dropped news of him now joining management teams with Akon! I for one, will keep Mali in prayer and hope that Akon does right by Mali. I’ve seen how Akon has helped other artist, so I am excited to see what he can do for Mali!

Now the video is great! I’m kinda at a lost for words! It’s a deep song, with meaning behind every line! It’s honest and raw. The song shows us where we as christians have lots of room to grow in our faith and trust in Christ. The video really adds to the story as a great visual! I can’t wait for the continuation! Peep the video below and let me know what you think!