New Music From Lisa McClendon “Rock Star”

Say it isn’t so?!  It seems like she just got here, however “Invisible” will be the last album Lisa McClendon will make.  She’s had a great run in music though spanning over 10 years. Lisa is set to release “Invisible” in November.  Her latest single “Rock Star” has a soulful rock edge to it.  Not to be surprised as Lisa has always had that soulful rock edge to her.  Check out the single below and make sure to purchase it on iTunes!


Russell Delegation- “How I Feel About You (Al B. Sure Remix)”

The Russell Delegation choir is back!  Known for their hip, contemporary gospel sound, the group is releasing a new project called “Almighty God” on September 11, 2012.  The first single “How I Feel About You” is now available for download, on all online markets.  “How I Feel About You” is a remix to the classic Al B. Sure R&B hit “Night and Day.”   The single was produced by Herb Middleton and features Lisa McClendon, Tia Pittman, Mahogany Jones and B-Wellz.  The song is really dope and I love Lisa’s vocals.  Tia Pittman is so wonderful and is a great compliment to the song!

Check out a sample of the song below and let me know what you think!