Colton Dixon – Keeps The Faith On American Idol

In what some may say is the true “shocker” of American Idol season 11 eliminations, last night we said farewell to Colton Dixon. He first came to our attention when he auditioned next to his sister, Schyler, in Season 10.  He was cut from the competition show failing to make it into the Top 24.  Colton Dixon, having no intentions to audition, returned once again in support of his sister hoping to make her Idol dreams come true.  The judges insisted on having Colton try out this year, so with the coaxing he joined his sister once more in auditioning. This time Colton made it all the way to coming in seventh place, before being eliminated in a shocking decision by voters *coughtheproducerscough*.

I am a fan Colton Dixon and him sharing his faith in an uncompromising way on a national television show is what kept me glued to the show….well that and the fact that I find him very cute! It’s no secret that mainstream television America doesn’t particularly like folks on its shows being all religious.  Though that premise is changing  with popular people like Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow, the late Whitney Houston and countless others.

Colton Dixon made no effort to hide his faith and belief in Christ, making sure that he choose songs that not only made a connection to his personality and artistry but also to his faith.  Even if it wasn’t a gospel/CCM song, a lot of his song choices could easily make connections to God, especially in the way that Colton would deliver the songs.  It was like he would give the lyrics new meaning and have you thinking, this could have actually been a gospel song.  At one point it was even suggested that AI producers warned Colton to “cool it” and “tone it down” on all of his religious innuendoes.  Colton actually cleared that up and said that “the show’s producers sent all the contestants a “word of warning” that religious or political tweets might cost them votes, he said the show had been very supportive of his faith throughout the competition.”- HuffingtonPost

Now for me it was a surprise that on Wednesday nights episode Colton decided to sing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.  I felt that it was a departure from his strategy for choosing songs that better suited him and his faith and I was turned off by it, but at the same time I also understood the choice.  I didn’t expect every song choice to gospel/inspirational and I think it would be unfair for others as well.  To me the performance  came off underwhelming and just not one of my favorites from him. Upon his elimination Colton has spoken out about his feelings on deciding to go with Bad Romance and the after effects: “I’ve taken pride in knowing who I am and really taking a stance in my faith. I  think in choosing ‘Bad Romance’ I turned off a lot of those voters, which are my  core voters,” Colton told us. “I’m sorry that I got caught up in the musicality of the performance this week instead of what it should have been, which is the  connection to a song that I normally bring every week.”-( catch more of that interview here –> Interview )

It is that humility towards God, his family, friends and his fans, that I believe will carry Colton on.  This isn’t the last that we’ve seen nor heard from Colton Dixon.  I am proud of the work he’s done.  I am inspired by his committment to do what God would have him to do, and to do it faithfully always giving God the glory no matter the platform.  I was amazed at his first performance of Lifehouse’s “Everything”.  I believe many at first didn’t “get it” but as Colton was allowed to sing his farewell song, he choose to do Everything once more, this time making it clear to us, to whom he belongs and is working on behalf for! To God be All the Glory!


Tim Bowman Jr. Set To Release New Album “Beautiful”

Yes on April 24th, Tim Bowman Jr., will release his debut album “Beautiful”.  I’ve made mention of this talent musician/singer/songwriter before, and I wait in high expectancy that he is going to deliver a very solid and wonderful album! I CHOOSE GOSPEL was sent some information to introduce Tim Bowman Jr. and his new project “Beautiful”

The album will feature the following Tracklist:

1. Throw It Away | 2. Free | 3. Sunday Morning (feat. Dorinda Clark-Cole) | 4. Beautiful | 5. Healer | 6. He Will (feat. Vickie Winans) | 7. Looking for Love | 8. Promise | 9. I’ll Try | 10. Fell In Love | 11. Running Back to You | 12. I’m Here | 13. Abide With Me

Describing his music as “Christian & Gospel”, Tim’s debut album features gospel superstars, Vickie Winans and Dorinda Clark-Cole. His first single, “He Will” featuring his aunt, Vickie Winans, sticks pleasantly to the gospel tradition. One of the strongest offerings is the moving declaration, “Healer.” The simple yet pure praise and worship ballad is a reflection of Bowman’s faith. Tim says, “It’s all there. Everything you need to understand about His power is in the words to this song.” Executive produced by his father, Tim Bowman, who has been producing his own critically acclaimed records for years, the album is nothing close to amateur.

The Michigan native has what can only be described as a voice to heal the soul. His smooth timbre and rich milky falsetto resonate even after the music stops. Where he shines, though, is his ability to hone in on his musical background and find the perfect place within each chord and the rhythm.  In an era saturated with throbbing 808’s accompanied with lyrics boasting of negativity and materialism, the purest and most refreshing breath is taken after hearing Bowman’s first offering. His sound is definitely different…in a good way. Bowman has pulled from his musical influences of jazz, alternative, gospel and soul music to present a work that will undeniably change the game. “Each song should stand alone. Sometimes, you only have one chance for a person to hear and connect with your message. I want every person who listens to this album to not only get that message but also to feel the FUN I had making it,” Bowman says.”- (Artist Press Release)

Here are the many ways you can connect and learn more about Tim Bowman Jr. | Official Website | Facebook | Twitter   I can not wait to hear this album! Remember to support this new artist on April 24th or you can Pre-order the album from his Official Website Here!  Check out my First Fanatic Post on Tim Bowman Jr., and listen to his newest single “Free” below…