Mary Mary Return For Season 3

mary-mary-reality-showWEtv’s Mary Mary returns for its third episode, February 27th.  You know I love a great reality show, and when it involves the saints, even better!  I really love Mary Mary and I have really grown to appreciate Erica and Tina Campbell.  I most like the way they present their lives.  It’s all about Jesus, music and family.  Erica and Tina don’t sugar coat anything and show that even as top gospel artists, they have their fair share of troubles just like the rest of us.

This season the high energetic drama surrounding Mary Mary goes deeper.  Health issues, family issues, Mitch, cheating and lots and lots of attitude.  Now, I rest in knowing that through it all, Mary Mary are going to work it out.  That’s the kicker with this show.  Yes, they have drama, yes, some of it will be overly played out and yes, we will be drawn in to make formulate our opinionated judgements.  But rest assured that Mary Mary will also show you a way of handling these ills in a manner that doesn’t interrupt your faith walk, integrity and character.  My hat goes off to Mary Mary for propelling gospel into the mainstream limelight without sacrificing the basis of their relationship with Christ.  You will not agree with everything they say or do, but this is just one good example of what a Christians lifestyle can look like.  I ain’t got no worries!

Check out the promo HERE and make sure to tune into Wetv Feb. 27th! It’s going to be a great season!