New Music Sean C. Johnson “Grateful” Free Download + Review @seancjohnson

seanWho doesn’t like free stuff?  Well, gospel neo-soul singer Sean C. Johnson is giving away new music.  As a thank you to all of his supporters Sean releases a 5 track EP titled “Grateful” available for free.  You can  download “Grateful” via soundcloud or Sean’s bandcamp page.

Sean has impeccable vocal skills and it’s easy to grasp his musical influences through the diversity of sounds he incorporates into his music.  Those familiar with Sean Johnson will be comfortable to know that to Sean continues to offer listener’s biblically sound lyrics over neo-soul and hip hop inspired beats.  “Grateful” continues in that tradition.

“I Need It” and “No Never (Remix)” are so groovy.  These tracks make you feel good.  They are simple in context and lyrical form, which make it easy to relate to.  Musically you are drawn in with the familiarity of some the sounds of the popular neo-soul explosion of the late 90’s early 2000’s.  “No Never (Remix)” is my favorite track!  “Thirty” the EP’s lead single, grounds you, taking on topics such as porn addiction and corrupt pastors.  It’s a good grounding to land you on, but it’s kind of weird to be hit with something so hard, especially if you are listening to the EP in sequence.  “Shepard Me” is the reminder we all need.  This is what this faith-based, christian lifestyle is all about.  We need Christ to shepard us through this life when we are faced with all of its ills. “Silver and Gold (Neo-Soul remix)” is a dope take on a classic gospel tune.  Sean effortlessly swoons for Christ here! Really puts me in the feel of something Musiq SoulChild would have done! sean-c-johnson-01

Pick up the “Grateful”  project today and connect with Sean C. Johnson via his social media outlets: Twitter- @SeanCJohnson | Facebook- | Instagram-


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