LISTEN: Angel Taylor “Weak” and “Still God” New Music Reviews

photo (1)Angel Taylor former member of the hit gospel group Trin-I-Tee 5:7 is gearing up to release her debut solo project “Love Angel”.  After many months of quietly working behind the scenes, Angel has released her first single titled “Weak”.  Angel has also taken to social media and is giving listeners her second single “Still God”.  I am totally excited about Angel’s new project. It’s been a life long dream of Angel’s to be a solo artist.  Not discrediting her work and partnership with Trin-I-Tee 5:7, however, I as a fan of T57 am very happy that Angel is embarking on a new future and journey with her music.  “Love Angel”  is a project that incorporates Angel’s eclectic taste in music and exposes the different aspects of love.  Of the project Angel says,

“Being a solo artist and having the freedom to explore different styles and genres of music, allows me to express myself in a more well rounded fashion. There’s so many aspects to life and I now can express that without any barriers.”

First up, “Weak”: With a nod to the fresh R&B sounds of the 90’s, Angel effortlessly sings the cries of a confused heart, that knows it should leave a relationship, but still clings to the feelings its grown to know and love, and feels, well, Weak without it. It is refreshing to hear something different to take us out of the mundane sounds of mainstream radio today.  The instrumentation is simple and pure.  I like the sound of the turntable scratch and the familiarity of the drum beat, just really takes you back to when you and your crew would be at the lunch table banging out the latest rhythms.  Angel has great tone to her voice. When you hear her sing, she sounds like the girl next door, but then she’ll just GO THERE and you’re like “Did she really just do THAT?!”  I love to hear Angel sing.  She’s technical, random, skilled and free flowing all at once.  She sings from her heart, with lots of emotion and passion.  You believe her when she sings!  “Weak” is a great jam with lyrics all people can and will relate too.  I’m happy that with a background in gospel music, Angel isn’t overtly trying to be “mainstream” and is just giving us something very simple, the transition here is smooth. Produced by GRAMMY nominated Andrew “Druski” Scott and written by Carla Carter, “Weak” is something ALL experience, whether you’re a saint or an ain’t!  “Weak” is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.comTake a listen below and let me know what you think!


Next we have “Still God”:  Now I will try not to be biased here.  I first heard “Still God” in its baby stages.  I LOVED IT!! Of all of the songs that may possibly find a home on her “Love Angel” EP, “Still God” is my FAVORITE!! And let me say, only because I know Angel will read this (hey girl), that I really love the unmixed, unmastered version of “Still God”.  LOL, yes, I just loved the organic sound of it. But the songs still BANGS and makes me anxious for a live version!  The lyrics remind us that despite the negative situations we are going through, God is still God, “so even if the sun didn’t shine, you would still be God/and even if the wind doesn’t blow, I still know, you’re God”.  What I like most is how the song builds in emotion with each passing phrase.  By the end of the song you feel super charged to carry on through the journey God is taking you on.  I love how Angel just belts out the last refrain towards the end of the song!! It’s like she’s crying out to God on my behalf.  This track is usually on repeat!! It carries me through my Sunday mornings! I thoroughly get my life! The song is produced by Christian Anderson and Hugh Anderson III and written by Angel, herself.  It doesn’t sound like anything else on gospel radio today and as the first gospel track from Angel, I like that it doesn’t remind me of a Trin-I-Tee 5:7 song.  Though I worry that this track will sonically go over some folks heads, Angel has found her sound, it’s eclectic and she is freely and confidently sharing that with us through the song selections that will be on her “Love Angel” EP.  “Still God” will be available in the next couple of weeks on online markets for purchase.  For now you can listen below and let me know what you think!

Connect with Angel via her social media outlets:  Twitter- || Facebook- || Instagram-


One thought on “LISTEN: Angel Taylor “Weak” and “Still God” New Music Reviews

  1. Wonderful songs of reality and life that can encourage listeners to keep moving forward…simply beautiful…the melody and the words blend together in sincerity and a cause for life–for living! Very awe-inspiring and one can see the picture clearly. Congratulations Angel on your quest as a solo artist. Kudos to you and I am expecting some good things from this project!

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