Khas Dock New Book -“Shades of Grace” Available Now

NEWPROMOIntroducing to some and presenting to others Khas Dock (receive him). I’ve known this dude through social media for some time now.  He’s funny, caring, intelligent and charismatic.  Khas Dock has now taken those same character traits and placed them into his new book, “Shades of Grace”.   

“Without warning or your permission, life’s flow can be interrupted. You never know when or how it will happen but when it does, you will find yourself asking “why me?” and “how do I grow through this?”. Grace is the answer for your heart’s pain and your life’s questions.” 

Khas Dock is a native of Newark, New Jersey.  After many years of searching, Khas has finally discovered and accepted that he was born to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for others. Through his life and deeds, Khas aims to be a voice that articulates strength to the weak,  a source of hope to the despondent, and a smile to the discouraged.  With the release of his debut book, Shades of Grace, he has gladly added Author to the list of his accomplishments and plans to release future books, sharing the journey of his life in the form of words. (lifted from bio)

Make sure to support this young, inspiring brother! You can cop the book from his Official Website- GodzChildProductions and Connect with Khas via his social media outlets: Twitter- @psykhaslogy  | Instagram- @KhasDock


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