LISTEN: New Music Jahaziel ft Maxi Priest- “They Don’t Know”

Yes, Jazahziel, you better give me my gospel reggae groove back!! Xist Music artist Jahaziel steps back up to the plate with his latest offering “They Don’t Know” ft. Maxi Priest.   Yes, you read that right, Maxi Priest, noted as one of the most successful reggae fusion acts of all-time and happens to be Jahaziel’s uncle.  The new track is super nice, I like it and the forthcoming album is due out this fall! With a great first single, “They Don’t Know” hightens the anticipation for the full album.  I’m excited for Jahaziel!! Check out the tune below and support by purchasing the song from iTunes.


jahaziel-they-dont-know-feat-maxi-priest-500Jahaziel shares the inspiration for the song, “This song is a social commentary describing the darker side of the community I live in. A side that many within it want to escape, and one that many outside of it would rather ignore.  Drug trafficking, sexual abuse, robbery, murder, unemployment and broken homes are just some of the things I have seen personally where I live. And I have seen these things throughout my life growing up in urban environments.

Two and half years ago my family and I felt the call of God to join an organization called The Eden Network. This led to us moving from our 2-bed house in a nice area to a 1 bed flat on a housing estate in a deprived area of North London. Since moving we have led a team of local urban missionaries – basically a group young Christian volunteers who want to be used to affect their community for God.

Partnering with the local church, we run a weekly youth club, job clubs, girls groups, mini concerts and various other outreach provisions. Has our work changed the entire community yet – far from it… but we have seen change in the lives of many young people. Changes in attitudes towards drugs, work, violence, sex, peer pressure, God and church.

All communities, especially the poor ones are filled with hurting people. People who have been so beaten by life’s storms that they’ve lost hope.
As part of Christ’s body I see it as my responsibility to go to the poor, the sick, the hopeless and demonstrate to them that there is a God who see’s their tears and will answer their cry if they will turn to Him.”


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