Smokie Norful Performs New Song With Son

smokieSince the taping of the BET Celebration of Gospel, social media has been buzzing about a special surprise performance from Smokie Norful.  He performed his newest song “Say So”.  During the high energy performance Smokie brings out his son Ashton to entertain the audience.  Tune into the BET Celebration of Gospel, hosted by none other than Steve Harvey on Sunday, April 7th @ 8pm EST.  Follow @IChooseGospel we will be live tweeting!


12 thoughts on “Smokie Norful Performs New Song With Son

  1. How can we get his song? It is great and I can’t find it anywhere.

  2. I really enjoyed this ministry of his new song! Just what we need in this world…showing that we can be a christian and still enjoy other genres of musical styles! God doesn’t live in a box just because “we as saints” do!!! It’s my prayer that people will open their spiritual eyes and see God wherever and whenever they can!!!

  3. So mad I cant find this song

  4. That song did not lift up jesus open up your spiritual eyes god is not in everything u think study your word my sis

    • I totally agree If a song does not carry the anointing to save and deliver people then what is its purpose….

  5. Aleta stop hating you player haters.

  6. Maurice and Michael you both seem like Pharisees. People like you always have something negative to say while claiing to be so saved and sanctified. The song lifts Jesus up; while at the same time, witnessing to perhaps them that may not listen to traditional sounding gospel music. To put it to you bluntly most of the praise and worship music and traditional gospel music sounds very secular at times from a musical standpoint. The gospel is a message and lifestyle…it’s not a contrived church performance that only ministers to other church folk. The gospel should be able to reach beyond the doors of the church and reach them that truly need it… which is the lost. I believe some of you got it twist it. Perhaps you should open up your spiritual eyes (for real) and stop being a lame and boring judgemental church person.


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