LISTEN: Chaka Khan “It’s Not Over” feat. Lecrae

ChakaKhanNewPRShotMay2012RegularMultiple GRAMMY Award winning diva Chaka Khan is back celebrating 40 years in the music industry.  With a new single, “It’s Not Over”, Chaka Khan teams up with new GRAMMY Award winning christian rapper Lecrae.  “It’s Not Over” is a straight up urban/pop song.  Inspirational in it’s lyrics, but sounds like something from a movie (Honey, Step It Up, etc) soundtrack.

Now I have much respect for Chaka Khan, but I’m not that big on her music. Not that I don’t like her, she was just before my time some and I haven’t fully ingested her catelog.  For me “It’s Not Over” is about the big names, more than the actual song.  Kind of like those movies that have an all-star cast, but the film lacks substance…yeah that’s how I feel about “It’s Not Over”. It’s not bad, just may need some time to grow on me.  I do like dance/pop type songs, just didn’t see this coming from the legendary Chaka Khan.  Check out the single below for yourself. What do you think?


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