I Choose Gospel’s Top 10 Gospel Songs of 2012

ichoosegospelAfter Reading TheGospelGuru’s Top 10 Gospel Picks of 2012, I finally decided to tackle this REALLY HARD task! Check out my Top 10 Gospel Songs of 2012.

In no particular order: *SN: Make sure to check out the links*

1. KB- Zone Out ft. Chris Cobbins- Weight and Glory: Man after waiting for what seemed like FOREVER, Reach Records newest signee finally released his debut album, Weight and Glory in July.  I love the album and this song is clearly ushering in 2013 for me!! With it’s gritty, hard banging beat, this joint makes me wanna “mosh pit!” I love it!

2. foreverJONES- Just The Way-Musical Revival: Wow, I loved the first single, which TheGospelGuru put on his list, but this JAWN RET-HERE!!!!  I liked them the first go round, but after seeing them in real life, I was hooked! Oh, I just love the old school feel to this song.  And Dominique’s incredible voice, ah perfection!! I can sing this to God ALL THE TIME!

3. Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago- Awesome– The Best Of Both Worlds: Man, I rarely hear a song on first listen and fall in love with it. That is exactly what happened when I got this single!  I knew this song was gonna be huge! I had the wonderful pleasure to interview Charles Jenkins for ICHOOSEGOSPEL.com twice! Love him, Love the song! Interviews HERE & HERE!

4. Travis Malloy- Yes, To Your Will ft. Tia Pittman-Travis Malloy: Okay, so I’m a Travis Malloy stan.  I love this whole album and picking one song…I can’t! My favorite Travis Malloy track is actually a remix of D’Angelo’s How Does It Feel, that he put on a mixtape that was out like a year or two ago.  But I love Travis! This album takes you there! To the throne of Christ! Travis is a worshipper!! Got to Interview him for IChooseGospel.com. Can’t wait to hear more from him, and I actually want him to work with one of my favorite artist, Angel Taylor of Trin-i-tee 5:7!!

5. J.J. Hairston and Youthful Praise- After This- After This: Another, where I can’t choose just one song! My favorite cuts from this album- The King, Grateful, The Victor and The Blood.  Whew! What a mighty and refreshing album! Check out my album review, I mean if you still haven’t added this to your collection, Chile GET’CHO LIFE!!!!!

6. Rhema Soul- Need An Answer- RED: YUP! Love this Florida Trio!!! Butta P did it for me on this album! The title track is a dope track too, but Need An Answer just really speaks to me, lyrically and musically!! Yo, I gotta see Rhema Soul live, they had an awesome year, and I think they are back in the studio already!

7. Cheneta Jones-Get There-Transformed: This Chick Rocks!! I saw with my own eyes her grinding to get her music out to folks!  I mean I didn’t know anything about her and she hustled and got her album out, and is now a 2013 Stellar Award Nominee for Best New Artist!! Tell me hard work doesn’t pay off!! Get There is an awesome song, but where is the video?!! Come on Cheneta!! LOL! Check out my interview with this talented, funky fresh lady!

8.James Fortune & FIYA- What If & Help Me-Identity: I may put this as the best album of 2013.  Like really James and FIYA started the year off RIGHT with this album! What If-with it’s heartfelt lyrics penned by Tammi Haddon and James’ wife, Cheryl.  This catapulted the solo career for Cheryl.  She did release a track, but not sure what happened after that.  Anyhoo, Help Me was truly uncomfortable for me, but I love being pushed to my limits!  Oh the lyrics were so personal for me, made me face somethings that I didn’t want to, or had thought that I was over. Yes, Identity still gives me life!

9. RMG- New One-Welcome To The Family: Canon had us fooled, thinking that he was gonna be the next to sign to Reach Records.  And we all still think RR when we hear from Pro bka Derek Minor, but these brothers got together with  Chad Jones and Tony Tillman to form RMG-Reflection Music Group.  And with much of CHH this year being Reach Records heavy, it was refreshing to hear from RMG and see them doing their own thing!

10. Anita Wilson- Jesus Will- Worship Soul: What can I say about this joint!  I got into Anita late, but she is still gaining fans. Speechless was on the radio FOREVER and now Jesus Will is banging in our systems!  Love her voice and her bgv’s did the thing!! Jesus Will arranged for Anita is so groovy, she truly made this James Cleveland song, her own!

Okay so yeah, that’s it! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I know I could have gotten more, like Mary Mary’s Go Get It and J. Moss’ The Other Side Of Victory, VaShawn Mitchell, Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy and Jonathan McReynolds! 2012 also had a lot of great music from artists who dropped mixtapes/free albums: Lecrae, Evin Amiri, MPH, SPZRKT, Keyondra Lockett and more!  2013 has been set up nicely and I believe that it will deliver! What were some of your favorite songs from 2012?


2 thoughts on “I Choose Gospel’s Top 10 Gospel Songs of 2012

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  2. I’m looking to make the 2013 list! 🙂

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