Music Share || Uriah “The Search”

I first learned of Uriah after reviewing his last project “The Stars and Their Places” for  Wow!! I loved it! Uriah is back with a new project due to release 12.1.12 titled “Sound Of Light”.  Uriah has released his first single from the project, “The Search”.  It’s super dope! With a poetic flow, thought provoking lyrics and an almost industrial, new age sound, Uriah delivers once again!

“This song, The Search produced by taQtix, (The Opus, Damsel) is such a personal track for me, and somewhat controversal.  The back and forth between me and God asking “what happened to you?” while he patiently sits letting me know He never left.  But who hasn’t felt like there was a point in time in their lives where they’ve lost contact with God?  Stage one in recognizing, deciphering, hearing the sound of Light is “The Search”-Uriah


For More on Uriah and his new project “Sound of Light” visit his Official Webpage: & Facebook Page: This Is Uriah

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