Shirley Murdock Joins Cast of “I Love Me Better Than That”

Ayo, Indiana where you at?!…

When Shirley Murdock recorded the song “I Love Me Better Than That”, her goal was to help reduce violence, drop out rates, drug/alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and other destructive behavior within communities.

Since recording the song, many hearts have been touched and inspired to believe in themselves and not settle for anything less than God’s best.

On October 19th and 20th, Shirley Murdock will share more of this vision in the play I Love Me Better Than That, produced by Destined to Praise productions in Indianapolis, IN.

The play I Love Me Better Than That is the story of the many tests and trials of marriage and how to overcome them with God.
Murdock’s appearance in the play is a great combination and she is very honored to be apart of such a timely production.

I Love Me Better Than That will be held at Crispus Attucks Auditorium, 1140 W. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.
Along with Murdock’s performance, she continues to Promote Change through Education & Entertainment by encouraging others to love others and God!  For Tickets and Info on the Play “I Love Me Better Than That” contact: (317) 748-1465 or (317) 679-5864


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