Mary Mary Season 2 New Sneak Peek!!

YAS, GAWD HUNTY!!! (shout out to Funky Dineva) I’m so ready for Season 2 of  WEtv’s Mary Mary! Bring on the Drama!! Seems the Mary’s have been getting a lot of turned up eyebrows with these sneak peeks and trailers being sent out.  Well whatever your convictions, beliefs or level of approval, just make sure that on Thursday, December 13th @9pm EST, you are tuned in!!  You don’t want to miss out on all of the Mary Mary fun!  Check out the latest trailer giving us a look into some things we can expect this season.  Alana isn’t as innocent as we think, Tina is having issues with her pregancy, Goo and Mitch’s issues now include Goo’s boo, Justin; and will Erica really go solo this time?! Girl, make sure you are around when things go down!  Follow me on Twitter cause this season is gonna be a hot one and we will need to talk about it!! Check out the trailer below from Verizon’s How Sweet The Sound.


6 thoughts on “Mary Mary Season 2 New Sneak Peek!!

  1. ERICA should sit down,she got on my nerves last season and she used 2 be my favorite,not anymore,Mrs TINA all the way.Going solo 4 any of them now is really premature and it will mess up their careers and family relationships. Personally im lookin 4wd to TINA and GOOGOO coz i think those ladies need their own respective shows.They are some Saved Anointed drama queens(side eye) who seem 2 have interesting families!

  2. Great sneak peek…ready to see the season, Dec seems far away…but umm, yeah, Erica should not go solo, i don’t know why they are pumping her up like that and making her think that’s a good works as Mary Mary..not solo Erica, sorry…not to add that to me she is not vocally the stronger of the two anyway..

  3. @Shante,i second that,TINA got way better range and versatility in her voice.They are meant to be together,and she’s been working my nerves too (ERICA) a little bit after watching last season…..but oh well,none should go solo!stick together ladies

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