Album Review || Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience

With a new baby boy in tow, Music World Gospel recording artist and GRAMMY® winner, Le’Andria Johnson gears up for the release of her 4th album, “Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience,” on September 18, 2012.  Le’Andria is answering the wishes of her fans and is delivering to us a live recorded album.  I have been thoroughly enjoying her album titles!  The album is appropriately titled; it is through these live experiences that Le’Andria is captured at her absolute best!  It’s hard to put it into words everything that Le’Andria is.  Le’Andria is someone and her ministry is something you have to experience for yourself.  I am always at awe when I see her perform on award shows or minister at a church event.  Le’Andria Johnson gives her all in every aspect you simply can not deny that a true and natural gift resides in her!

It’s been a whirlwind of events since this BET Sunday Best Season 3 Winner entered the world of gospel music.  Le’Andria has faced many challenges, criticisms, accolades and triumphs.  She’s remained transparent and open to discussing her career and life choices with interviewers and fans.  She’s maintained that no matter what may come, she will not allow success nor setbacks to deter her from fulfilling the call God has placed on her life.

So let’s get into this new album! Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience will be available in a standard edition, that boasts 13 tracks and a deluxe version with live extended tracks and a DVD. An additional track “Endow Me” will also be included in the exclusive iTunes version of the album.  The Experience is filled with the melodious and soul stirring vocals that we have come to know and love from Le’Andria.  She continues to deliver messages of hope and encouragement as only Le’Andria can.  Le’Andria is backed by an incredible band lead by album producer, David Blakely.

On the album, Le’Andria digs deeper, showing us how versatile she is musically, infusing jazz, soul, gospel, blues and even some classical elements into this record. The first half of the album stretches to pull in the mainstream audience, where the second part of the album serves us old school church revival realness! The folks at Music World Gospel allowed me a preview listen to the album and if you missed out on the live recording, trust me, you get the feeling like your are right back there at St. Stephens Church all over again.  I believe that this is Le’Andria’s best album yet.  She sounds amazing, she sounds whole and complete.  Le’Andria isn’t just performing, but she is ministering.  The band is fresh and like I said earlier, it sounds like your really in the room with them!  Le’Andria’s BGV’s are doing their thing!

The lead single is an urban tune “My Story Continues”, it showcases great vocals from Le’Andria.  The song tells of Le’Andria sharing her journey, her fears, her passions and her hopes for the future.  Le’Andria has shot a video to accompany the song, that we should be seeing soon.  One of the most passionate songs on the album and my favorite is “Complicated.”  My God, from the lyrics to the slow, emotional pull of Le’Andria’s vocal performance, I am a complete mess with this song, especially at the 2:22-2:26 mark!  Le’Andria opens up to us and gives us a glimpse into some of the struggles, she has had in her relationships.  With lyrics like “Why do you say you love me when you know you really don’t mean it? Is lust the only factor ‘cause love I just don’t see it…love is complicated,” “Complicated” is a song that many will be able to relate to.

Some more of my favorites are, “Revival Fire Fall” “If Jesus Can’t Fix It” which reminds me of Beverly Crawfords “He’s Done Enough.” “God Will Take Care Of You” is so moving and so inspirational, Le’Andria MINISTERS this song!  We get special treats from Le’Andria on “Joy,” a fun call and response tune and the “Hymn Medley- the I Surrender All section slays!  Le’Andria is at a great place here on this album.  With something to offer to everyone “Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience,” you will want to add this to your collection! As for my overall review, I would give Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience a 3.5 out of 5.  There’s still work that Le’Andria seems to want to do, but with this album, she’s finally coming into her own and taking a huge step in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Album Review || Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience

  1. Very nice review! If someone is unfamiliar with Leandria before reading your review, I believe that they will not only want to get this album, but to go out and buy all of her music! You did both yourself and Leandria proud!

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