Album Review || Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy

Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy released their self-titled album on August 21, 2012.  Thanks to the folks at Tyscot Records, they sent the album to me for review! Such an honor! I first caught onto AB and GT when I saw them backing up Donald Lawrence and Myron Butler on this last season of Bobby Jones Gospel.  They did an amazing job!  Honestly, I didn’t know it was them, I tweeted Donald Lawrence asking him to tell “the company” that I had thoroughly enjoyed them, and he tweeted back that it was not his “company” but rather Group TherAPy! My mouth hit the floor.  I had heard of this group but up until then, I had never heard them sing.  Watch them HERE, they were outstanding!

After having listened to album for sometime now, and then getting the opportunity to meet Anthony Brown this past Labor Day, I was pleased to let him know that I really enjoy this album.  What really captures me is how detailed Anthony Brown is when it comes to vocal arrangements, vocal techniques and abilities.  I believe that when listening to the album you hear the intricate attention to details Anthony Brown places on the harmonies of a song.  His choices in vocal features, style and passion for music are impeccable!  Anthony, himself has a great and distinct tenor voice and it is a wonderful instrument, that give life to his lyrics.  Another thing that I like about AB and GT and what sets them apart from other ensembles is the inclusion of the Theater/Broadway feel and sound on their album.  The opening track “Group Therapy”, “The Overflow” and “Beyond” are great testaments to this, but throughout the whole project those elements are interlaced in each song.  You don’t get this type of creativity on your average gospel album!

Brown’s strong songwriting skills (having penned “It Ain’t Over” and “Sound of Victory” for Maurette Brown Clark)  have great depth, are intense, encouraging, relatable and biblically sound.  In his gift as a songwriter, Brown is transparent and open to hearing from God and sharing his heart with his audience.  Listening to this album, you will be left feeling complete joy; and having a reassurance that God sees you, knows where you are and will deliver you into a better place, if you continue to trust, believe and follow Him.  Like it says in “Harvest Song” (which features Maurette Brown Clark), “I don’t know how, but He’s gonna do something!”

Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy (AP capitalized as a nod to the ensembles former name: Answered Prayers) offer up a solid project that makes a strong first impression.  Having debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart, there’s something on the album for everyone.  From the contemporary sounds of “I Will Be ft. VaShawn Mitchell,” “Do It Again” and the lead single “Testimony,” to the homage of the traditional choir sound on “Better Days,” to the engulfing praise and worship sounds of “Water,” “Deep Enough,” “Your Way” and “Beyond Beyond,” the musical and spiritual journey that Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy take you on is both exciting and fulfilling.   This is a group that you will certainly enjoy! They are versatile, refreshing and consistent.  Group TherAPy SANGS!!!  This is definitely an album, where each time you listen to it you’ll be saying, “Man, I almost forgot how awesome this album is!”  With the crisp production, to the mixing and mastering, to the sequencing of the tracks, to the album concept and vocal performances, I give this album a solid 3.75 out of 5.

If you haven’t picked up the album, go and get it!  You can get Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy’s new release in stores and online everywhere. Already have the album, great! Connect with Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy and let them know what you think of the project- Twitter: @AJBLive

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