Album Review | KB- “Weight and Glory”

Look, long story short-KB (Kevin Burgess) was making a lot of noise with his group HGA ( His Glory Alone), in his neighborhood of St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas.  The group and KB caught the eye of Reach Records co-founder and artist Lecrae and after being invited to tour with Lecrae, KB was signed to Reach Records in 2011. Soon after KB released a mixtape called “Who Is KB.”  It created a wonderful buzz and had many folks anxiously waiting for more from this wildly energetic, rapper with a true heart after God!

After I downloaded and listened to the mixtape, I too was immediately a fan.  I can’t place my finger on it totally but KB to me, seemed more relatable and personable, than other Reach artists.  He is fresh, I love his lyrical flow, his sense of humor and the innocence   and passion he has for Christ. Finally on July 17, 2012 KB released his debut album “Weight and Glory.”  After debuting at #1 on the Billboard Top Gospel Album chart, Weight and Glory is resting at #4 and is holding down the #14 spot on the Billboard Christian Album chart.

Weight and Glory is an album filled with dope production from Black Knight, Street Symphony, Alex Medina, PKoneday and more.  It’s a cohesive mixture of lyrics and sounds that tell of the immeasurable weight of God pressing on our lives to come out of our complacency, shake up our world and to live more for His Glory.  Opening the project is a great introduction, Weight Music, said to be KB’s favorite song- “that one kinda sums up the heart of the album. It’s that sound that I was looking for, that was the epitome of what I wanted my album to sound like and I was album to kinda nail it in one song by the grace of God” -(interview with The Gospel Guru). KB offers up thought-provoking lyrics and eclectic beats on tracks such as Anomaly, Don’t Mean Much, Angels and Tear It Down.  Of course KB gives me everything 116, that I need on tracks like Go Off, Zone Out (my favorite) and Church Clap!  KB hits my emotions and makes me come out of hiding on Open Letter and Hello (my second fave), the first giving voice to issues many will find very personal and the latter leading you into a hip hop filled worship atmosphere of the Lord.  The story-telling done on Heart Problems and Mr. Pretender lend hand and speak to the charisma and personal touch one gets from KB’s ministry.  Closing the project is Here We Go, another track that is approached differently musically and sums up the album nicely.  It leaves you satisfied, yet still wanting more, but feeling ready to bear the weight of God and give Him, his due glory.

Overall, I give this album a 3.75 out of 5.  It fulfilled my expectations.  The features from Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, Lecrae, Flame, Jenny Norlin and more, compliment KB’s style very well.  Musically you get great production, and a diverse scope of sounds, each track seeming to somehow feed into each other.  Lyrically, KB challenges us to drop our cynical thoughts and limitations of God.  Truly this life isn’t meant to be lived carelessly, but with the constant weight of living to reflect and measure up to what God wants and expects us to be.  I can not wait to see his set at the Unashamed Tour 2012: Come Alive!  It’s no lie that folks go crazy over Lecrae, (not that this is a competition) but I think KB stands out on his own very well and is a great contender for becoming a new fave among Reach fans. Make sure to pick up the album in stores everywhere or on iTunes/Amazon.  Connect with KB- via Twitter- @kb_hga and let him know what you think about Weight and Glory!

Check out KB as he talks Weight and Glory: 

4 thoughts on “Album Review | KB- “Weight and Glory”

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  2. Tashia you are a really great journalist. HONEST. Your writings have a TON of integrity. I love that.

    KB is one of my favorite reach artist.

    I actually love him more when he’s just talking in interviews and such.

    His music is banging but, in interviews and devotionals his wisdom (to be so young) is just refreshing. It lets me know that he’s really digging into the GOD and seeking HIM for wisdom, maturity, and BALANCE.

    This was a dope review.

    FLAME’s feature was the best on the album … I got lost in that mug!



    • Yes! Love KB…he needs more shine, not to take anything away from Lecrae, cause I love him too, but just really, really impressed with KB and his work. and yes to be so young and full of wisdom about Christ is amazing!! Thanks for reading!!

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