Music Share | Michelle Lang & Still Water “Considering All”

Michelle Lang and Still Water are back!! On June 26th MLSW released two singles “Considering All” and “Not Done.”  I came to know of MLSW when I was given the opportunity to review the Strike The Rock Entertainment compilation CD “SlingShot 2011,” which featured music and writing from Michelle Lang.

 “Considering All,”  features Michelle on lead vocal, the trademark lush Still Water vocals and is produced by Derek ‘DC’ Clark.   With lyrics and a beat that invite the listener to sing along, Michelle has created another 21st century hymn. The second song, “Not Done,” was also written by Michelle but Still Water members Amber “Sunshine” Donaldson and Robert Baker take the lead vocals on this up beat ‘b-side’ song.  Michelle Lang & Still Water win over audiences with a fresh sound and an energizing stage presence that is tempered with a mature heart and an unfailing devotion to create an atmosphere that fosters an intimate encounter with God.  The new album (set to release in August) is a reflection of MLSW’s tenure as well as their uncanny ability to stay relevant, inspiring and contagious!

I really like “Considering All.”  That song just sneaks up on you!! Once the beat really hits, you find yourself praising and singing along with the track!  This would so rock for your praise teams worship service!  I also dig on “Not Done.”  A really great record for the summer time!  Just the perfect cruise song with a great message!  A music video for “Not Done” would be dope!! Take a listen to “Considering All” below and purchase both singles HERE and HERE.


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