Music Share | DJ Cho’zyn Boy “High Like Crazy” ft. Lecrae, Suzy Rock and Sho Baraka

 I’ve been Twitter buddies with Cho’zyn Boy for a little minute now.  Cho’zyn is a dancer hailing from St. Louis, MO.  Chances are you may have run into Cho’zyn  as he has ties and does social media for a few of our favorite gospel/music artists, i.e. Jai, Lecrae, and Thi’sl.  Lately Cho’zyn has taken to remixing and mixing songs, he’s DJ-ing now!  I’ve heard a few of his mixes but Cho’zyn sent me track to share with you all. Take a listen to “High Like Crazy” featuring Lecrae, Suzy Rock and Sho Baraka.  It’s all set to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” and I believe I hear a dope sax infused rendition of Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U.”  No matter, it’s a great seamless mix so get into it below and get to know a little more about Cho’zyn Boy…

DJ: Cho’zyn Boy
Song: “High Like Crazy” (Cho’zyn Boy Remix) – Lecrae, Suzy Rock, Sho Baraka
Album: No Turnbuckles Mixtape (August 2012)
Twitter: @ChozynBoy 
Cho’zyn Boy began his career with a passion for dance. He began working with artists such as Jai, J.R., Thi’sl, Pastor AD3, Willie Moore Jr aka P-Dub, and has been blessed to share the stage with major names in the music industry Lecrae, Israel & New Breed, Canton Jones, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price, and many more.
He later shifted his focus and utilized his marketing skills as social media marketer of Christian Hip-Hop artist Jai’s label Outlet Music Group and the Young, Fly, and Saved Movement. He now serves working nationally syndicated radio show The Praise Mixdown w/ Dwight Stone & P-Dub and Full Ride Music Group (label of Christian Hip-Hop pioneer Thi’sl).
After feeling a shift in passion, Cho’zyn Boy founded Sparkfire Films (Thi’sl “Black Rose” music video) and began DJing. His debut DJ mixtape “No Turnbuckles” is set to release this August 2012.

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