Sanctified Diva Conference Is Back!

This just in…

The Second Annual Sanctified Diva Conference is back and will be held on the campus of New Life Worship Center located at 3550 Morgan Road, Hephzibah, GA on July 12-13, 2012.

Danielle Harris, conference host, and many others are already thrilled about this year’s conference. The theme is “Fully Persuaded,” and there is no registration fee. The doors open nightly at 6:00 with service beginning promptly at 7:00.

On Thursday night, Pastor Tanda Canion of the Assembly of Truth Family Worship Center in Atlanta, Georgia, will be the guest speaker. Prophetess Christina Glenn-Weeks, of Kingdom Believers International Church in Duluth, Georgia, will be the speaker on Friday Night. Gospel- recording artist Kenny Smith of Columbia, South Carolina will be leading praise and worship each night.

The conference is open to males and females of all ages. Vendor spaces are available upon request for $25. For more information, please call (706) 796-7880.  Sanctified Diva, Inc. can be reached on Facebook and Twitter. Please log on to receive the latest updates on the conference activities and inspirational messages from Danielle Harris.  Conference participants and supporters are also encouraged to download the Sanctified Diva Anthem on iTunes.

About Sanctified Diva, Inc

Sanctified Diva, Inc. is a mentoring program for women. A Sanctified Diva is defined as a woman who is Divinely In-tuned and Victoriously Assured (DIVA) based on 2 Timothy 2:21. The mission of Sanctified Diva, Inc. is to empower women to strive for holiness and excellence in every area of their lives. The organization was founded by Danielle Harris, the daughter of Pastors Claude and Regina Harris of the New Life Worship Center in Hephzibah, Georgia. The organization held its first annual Sanctified Dive conference July 2011 and more than 500 women and men attended. Founder Danielle Harris was named an Augusta Champion by the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau in honor of the 1st Annual Sanctified Diva Conference bringing in over $30,000 into the city of Augusta.


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