Music Share || Bam Travis “Seasons”

Hailing from Detroit, MI; Bam Travis can be heard on the soundtrack to Deitrick Haddon’s “A Beautiful Soul (Go To Church).”  Bam steps in this time with his own release “Seasons,”  a slow contemporary gospel groove.  This track showcases more of Bam’s passionate vocals as he sings about holding onto Gods unchanging word through the many changes (seasons) we will experience in our life.  I like the build up the track takes in getting us to the guitar solo and then the gentle ride down from the songs climax to its end.  Lyrically the song comes off simple, but for me it fits right in and is a right now word.  I feel like God has been dealing with His people and wanting us to trust Him more during our process or “Seasons” of changes.  A lot of artists seem to be releasing songs speaking on that message and Bam offers another soulful take on such matters.  You can listen to the track below and support by purchasing it from iTunes or For More on Bam Travis: Twitter- @BamTravis  | Official Website- Bam Travis


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