New Artist Alert || Etched ‘N Stone ( @etchednstone )

 New artists are popping up all over, but there is one group who are bringing a new contemporary gospel sound to you very soon.  I don’t want to call it contemporary, this is straight up Gospel R&P (rhythm and praise)!  Jonathan Harris, Jaye Bynum and Stephen Green make up Etched ‘N Stone, hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, they are taking up the charge to represent not only the young adult generation, but those who are also living their lives for Christ.

The fellas are hard at work preparing their debut album for release but have been sharing songs via their YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK pages.  The heavy R&B and Hip Hop influences heard in their songs instantly grab your attention, but a closer listen reveals messages that express real life issues, real situations and offer a relatable biblical viewpoint/solution to them.  Check out their latest music share “Say Goodbye” below.  I don’t think this track actually made the album, but if it didn’t, I can’t wait to hear what did!


One thought on “New Artist Alert || Etched ‘N Stone ( @etchednstone )

  1. Love the music….thanks for posting I went through a couple of the tracks on their youtube page and I’m impressed made me fan I’m looking forward to what’s going to make the album as well!!! I love “Gotta Get Him”!!!!!

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