Artist Interview || Travis Malloy- Preps For New Album + More!

Hey folks, today I present to you Travis Malloy, singer/songwriter/producer from Pittsburgh, PA.  Travis first brought his baritone vocals to gospel music in 2009 with the release of his first album “Lift Him Up” and later in 2010 he released the J. Drew Sheard produced “The Travis Malloy Mixtape”.  Since then Travis Malloy has been busy working with other gospel artists, and is readying his own, self titled, project to be released on June 29th.

I’ve become a fan of Travis Malloy, he is definitely a star on the rise!  In the wake of some new music being released today, I reached out to Travis because I wanted to know more about him and to ask a few questions about the upcoming project.  Check out the interview below:

ICG:  How is the new album different from your last album, Lift Him Up?

     TM: The “Lift Him Up” album was an experimental Travis Malloy and just a piece of me. This album really shows the worship side of me mixed with an R&B flavor. I think a lot of people will be shocked when they hear  it because I know some may assume that the “Lift Him Up” album is the extent of my sound musically, but IMMA WORSHIPER! Glory!!! LOL

ICG:  What producers did you work with on the new album? Any features we can look forward to?

TM: I produced the majority of this album, but I also worked with Thommy Brown he produced “Crying Out” on the first album as well as DJ Camper. Amazing, young producers. Both are signed producers under EMI Publishing. So the talent is just on another level. For the features, I kept it local but just as amazing as any national artist. James Ziegler and Vonjana Davis of Pittsburgh & Tia Pittman of Philadelphia.

ICG: What is the theme/inspiration behind the new album?

      TM: What’s funny is, a lot of the songs on this album, I actually wrote years ago. Definitely a few new ones though. I wrote songs in high school that I didn’t even understand. God eventually made them real to me. The new ones came from honest experience with learning Gods word, what He’s done and CAN do! I just hope this album inspires somebody else while honoring God FIRST.

ICG: How has Travis Malloy changed (musically and spiritually) since the first album?

  TM: I actually spoke a little of my answer to THIS question on the last question. Musically, I’m always changing and growing so you will definitely hear the majority musically. Spiritually, God allowed me to experience the things I was writing about years ago. In high school, I was writing songs because I “knew how”, songs about the presence of God, when never experiencing the presence of God. Needless to say, SINCE then, my relationship with the Father is on another and I have surely experienced the presence of God and have spent many days and nights IN His presence. And for the most part I’m spending time with the Lord every day: so my salvation is always evolving for the BETTER! I just preached didn’t I? LOL

ICG: Who are your musical influences?

     TM: OMG, where do I start? John P. Kee is number ONE! J. Moss., R. Kelly & Tank. Those guys have influenced me musically more than you or they will ever know. And trust me; you will hear their influence all through this album.

ICG: Having worked with many artists in the music industry, who was your favorite and why?

     TM: More than worked with, I’ve been able to establish relationships with some of my favorites and people I grew up listening to SUCH as Pastor John P. Kee. He’s like a real dad.  He tells me what I wanna hear as well as what I DON’T wanna hear and always keeps it 100 with me! Love that!

ICG: What do you want the listener to come away with after hearing the new album?

     TM: I want their relationship with God to either be established, developed or enhanced! I want them to be on a high spiritually and musically! Encouraged and ready to take this world on with the help of God!

ICG: You are very funny on Twitter, how has your twitter experience been since joining?

      TM: Lol…I love twitter. I try to be myself wherever I can. I gotta watch it though. My pastor just started following me. Lol…It can be good and bad. But I try to make good even out of the bad!

ICG: This has been a great interview! Any last remarks or thoughts you want to leave us with?

      TM: My sophomore album drops June 29th. It will be available online everywhere! Please get it when it comes out. I promise, you WILL be blessed! I done prayed over this album, cried, some days I ain’t have gas to get to the studio so I would get my skates and… Lol naw I’m playing, but go get that! Also check out the ONLY Official Travis Malloy Website!  HOLLA!!!

I so loved this! Travis seems like a very funny dude! You HAVE to follow him on Twitter, he is a hoot! I want to thank Travis for taking the time to connect with me and I Choose Gospel! I’m excited for the new album and will keep you guys updated as the release date draws closer! Today Travis released two new singles from the forth coming album!  You can listen to the new tracks via his SoundCloud Channel.  I really love “Yes To Your Will ” ft. Tia Pittman!  Below you can check out a video of my favorite track from his mixtape- “Glad To Be Saved”.

4 thoughts on “Artist Interview || Travis Malloy- Preps For New Album + More!

  1. a lil morn day hi,,dot……………..”Dear friends, God the Father chose you long ago and knew you would become His children.” (1 Peter 1:2 LB)

    Discouragement will come; it always does. Maybe you feel discouraged because of a struggling relationship, stalled career, or failing health.

    When discouragement comes, you can rest assured in one thing: God chose you to be a part of his family. Long before you chose God, he picked you!

    The Bible says in 1 Peter 1:2, “Dear friends, God the Father chose you long ago and knew you would become His children” (LB).

    God didn’t choose you because of something you’ve done. It’s all because of who he is. You weren’t good enough, smart enough, or spiritual enough for him to save you. He saved you because he loves you.

    And that’s good news — really good news! That’s the good news that your whole life should be built upon.

  2. In a word…

    It’s not very often that one song can touch the core of a persons heart but this one did; mine and his. Just like the words say… I;m so glad to be saved, and ohh yeah, it really does “FEEL GOOD.”


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