Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Mo Interviews on Lift Every Voice

This past Sunday BET’s Lift Every Voice featured hip hop artist- Lil’ Kim and R&B artist Lil’ Mo.  Now don’t ask me what the premise of the show is, cause I don’t clearly know, cause just when I think I have it down, here comes a guest that I would have never thought would appear.  Lift Every Voice is one of BET Gospel’s primary shows that air on Sunday mornings.  I’ve seen some eyebrow raising guest on before and they do have a variety of guests come through, but I was completely shocked to see Lil’ Kim (not so much Lil’ Mo) on as guests.  One thing I’ve learned from watching the show (here and there) is that you never know who has a connection to Christ.  I’ve come away plenty of times saying to myself “I didn’t know they were saved!”  And having a better respect for them.

However, that didn’t happen as I watched this latest episode.  Now I’ve seen Lil’ Mo perform next to gospel artist so I saw the connection and why she was on the show, but I was clueless when it came to Kim.  To be honest nothing about Kim or her lifestyle gave me “I’m Saved”.  I was really trying to come away from that episode thinking more of these ladies and their faith and how I may can apply something from them to my walk with Christ. During their interviews both ladies spoke highly and quite intensely of their anointing that they say Christ has given them, to do what it is they do.  Lil’ Mo stated that she knows she’s anointed because if you take her voice off of a record, people don’t want to hear it then.  It was remarks like that, that by the end of their interviews with Cory Condrey, I had these questions: What is the anointing? What does having the anointing or being anointed mean? How do we recognize it?  And How do we operate in it? I feel like we’ve humanized and lessened what the anointing is and what it means, because we attach it so easily to folks.

I must say, I’ve seen artist (gospel) perform/minister and I’ve said that they are anointed/called to do what they are doing.  I’ve even said that about folks outside of gospel (i.e. Fantasia Barrino).  However, I feel that God wouldn’t anoint someone and allow them to operate in His anointing if they aren’t doing anything to glorify Him or bring folks to Him for salvation.  Like I’ve never listened to a Lil’ Kim song and thought wow, she’s anointed! So, yea those interviews left me jilted, and I didn’t want to feel that way cause, one thing that I feel is that folks can’t tell me that the way I connect to Christ is wrong.  So who am I to call into question Lil’ Mo or Kim’s connection to Christ/faith.  But I do feel that their conception of “the anointing” is off.  Be honest is Kim operating in her anointing when she’s coming for Nicki Minaj? You can watch clips of their interviews here.  So what say you? Leave your comments below.


2 thoughts on “Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Mo Interviews on Lift Every Voice

  1. To me being anointed means an unction to function – meaning that you are given a special, may I say ‘covering’ or power to do a certain task.
    Jesus said “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed (empowered) me to preach.. ……..

    In the olden days, we hear of the Holy Spirit coming on people to accomplish extra ordinary things. e.g Story of Samson.

    He was anointed to be a Nazarite before birth, from the foundation of the world but could not do these extraordinary things in His own strength. He was empowered by the Holy Spirit and so was able to do these great things.

    So with Lil’ Kim and all them, it is not that they are not anointed but need to come full circle with Christ to see a full manifestation.

    Why? because I have known of people with testimonies of times when they were little children and had experiences with the anointing or Holy Ghost and they knew from that time that there was something in life that they would become and they have become that –

    Yes, Barrino is a great example, with the anointing upon her, you can still see it.

    My understanding is that God did not make any bastards, he made us sons but we need to accept and come into that ‘sonship’, much like an adoption – so we were not just anointed when we received Christ – this happened to you from the foundations of the world, before time – He knew you and what he has called you to be – but will you accept that anointing to manifest in your life by accepting Jesus?

    Jesus did not scratch his head when you received him and “now what can I anoint you to do?. I think I will make you a preacher or singer or an evangelist”

    Nope, He knew what He wanted you to be before you were born but you need to step up and receive your certification and walk in that anointing that has been in you forever – He already knows and you need to find out –

    If you buy a car, it usually comes with an engine, hhhmmm – but you must put gas in for it to move. if not it will be a pretty useless car, sitting looking pretty.

    There is power SOURCE hooked up to a toaster oven when you purchase it but until you plug it into the electrical socket, it will not work.

    And so one must be hooked up to Christ to release the full anointing, the power and the unction to function on their lives.

    There are many people who could do what God asks of you, but when He asks you to do something, he gives you a special covering to complete that specific task.

    That is why it is important to walk where God leads you because what God has placed the anointing on you to do, it shall be done, by you and it will not return to him useless.
    My thoughts.

  2. I am so glad that you wrote this post. I don’t understand how men like Cory have affiliations with rappers on their shows to represent the Body of Christ as His members. Where in this life did Lil Kim confess to becoming a Born Again Christian? He interviewed her years ago when she was coming out as a rapper. A rapper that talks mainly about her ‘nether regions’ and the explicit sexual activity of it besides money, men, materialism and anything but Christ behaviour. Now, to this present day he is interviewing her again claiming that the God he refers to is the God that has also given her grace? Is he for real? I can not judge her but she refers to her being ‘anointed’ for I assume her gift to ‘rap’ or for her career? I can tell you Jesus Christ does not anoint gangster rappers for anything, ok. And she NEVER mentions the Name of Christ Jesus, Cory does that. The God of Rap is Lucifer as he is the one who invented and inspires it. If she has been initiated into the Eastern Star Religion than that is the God she is reffering to. ALL rappers are initiated and you can NEVER be a rapper to this level without being far involved with the occult. They are deceieved into believing that Satan is a God of light. A Born again must behave on earth as they would in heaven.

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