SWV “I Missed Us” New Album In Stores Today!!

I know this isn’t fully gospel news, but Coko did release two gospel albums and had some great gospel features and performances, so that’s close enough for me!  Really I just wanna say don’t trip, and pick up SWV’s new album “I Missed Us”.   Yes, I missed them and it’s cool that they have gotten back together and are giving us a fresh SWV R&B album!!! It’s like they just picked up right from where they left off! I for one was worried if they could actually pull this off, but I think folks are in for a great surprise! They give us that classic 90’s vibe that we’ve grown to love from them, yet keep it fresh and current!  I love the old school beats, the smooth vocals, and yes, Taj and LeeLee are doing more of some leads!!  I hear that there will be a live stream of them performing songs from the album, but I can’t find the info at this time.  However, You can listen to a live stream of the album HERE on Centric’s website, then head on over to iTunes or your nearest store and pick up this album!!!

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