Music Share || D. Sowells & NEM “And The Winner Is”

I CHOOSE GOSPEL has the pleasure to share with you all a wonderful song sent to me by Derrick Sowells.  He is the leader of New Edifying Music, as new, up and coming artists D. Sowells & NEM (and yes, I’m saying it how it spells out, LOL) give us their first single “And The Winner Is”. 

“Believing that life and music should be experienced as God has purposed in order to experience true freedom and happiness, Derrick Sowells has resolved to “set you free” by delivering soul-stirring truth with his new project, “And The Winner Is.”  D. Sowells & NEM is a spirit-filled, gifted group committed to glorifying Christ, edifying His church, and evangelizing civilizations through music ministry. Derrick feels God blessed him to pen this song as encouragement for himself and others during these hard and challenging economic times. “And The Winner Is” inspires us to win with God despite any and every circumstance.” –Artist Bio

On my first listen, I thought, James Fortune and FIYA and other similar groups, the lead and backing vocals reminded me of Bonafide Praisers’ “Work It Out”.  Though those similarities can be drawn, I believe that there is enough room for NEM to come on in and bless us with their own sound and music. This is a simple song, an encouraging anthem, and though the message is something as a believer we’ve heard before, it’s still a much needed reminder.  The rocking guitar riffs, the beat of the drums and the dope breakdown (at the 2:36 mark) of the music and the ending vamp, are my favorite elements of the song.  By my third and fourth listen I was rocking out with the vocals: clear, crisp and passionate, especially whomever that is ad-libbing towards the end, kind of raspy, I really wanted to hear more of her!  I think that this is a great song for radio and I pray that it will be picked up!  This song grooves, it is encouraging, and will have you declaring that with God the Winner Is Me! Overall I give it a 3.5 out of 5!

I really see D. Sowells & NEM creating an underground buzz and following via YesLordRadio, BonnerfideRadio, Urban Soul Cafe and such with this song. There’s A LOT of potential with this group to make a name and a mark for themselves within the gospel community!  D. Sowells & NEM are in production for an official music video to “And The Winner Is”, so I can’t wait to view that.  You can listen to “And The Winner Is”, below and then I suggest that you purchase the single on iTunes  and/or  it’s only .99 cents! For all things D. Sowells & NEM: Booking & Info- Derrick Sowells | Official Website | Facebook Page |Twitter Page | YouTube Channel #SupportGospelMusic


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