Artist Interview || Milliyon on New Album “Live Milliyonic”

I Choose Gospel would like to introduce to some and present to others, christian rapper Milliyon.  You may recognize Milliyon from his first album “Mass Comm Music” or featured on tracks/albums next to artists such as Pastor AD3, Canton Jones (“Kingdom Business Pt. 2 & 3”) and most recently Deitrick Haddon’s “Bended Knee” (Church On The Moon).  Milliyon steps back up to the mic with his second album “Live Milliyonic” being released on June 26, 2012.

“The album is a true fusion of rap, pop, rock and soul with the authentic sound and feel of southern hip hop. This album sets to defy the status quo tag that in the past has unsuccessfully put Christian hip hop, R&B and pop music in one box.”

I Choose Gospel had the opportunity to talk with the self dubbed “christian culture artist” about the new album and what it means to “Live Milliyonic”.

ICG: You have been doing music for a while now, but there are folks who are still new to you, so tell us a little about who Milliyon is and why he should be on our radar?

     MIL: “Milliyon” is a name and a mission that simply means an immeasurable number. Like the Super Bowl and the Obama inauguration, those events had, and reached immeasurable amounts of people.  My mission is to reach that many people for Jesus Christ.  It is a right now time, and I’ve been given a right now message, for a generation to live an uncompromised life for Jesus Christ.  He’s given me a message that people can receive very well. Lives are changed and impacted by the Word that goes forth through the music.  He calls each one of us to go and spread the news to every creature and I’ve taken that mission and just ran with it.  God has blessed me to come across some awesome producers, leaders, mentors, and ministers and when you hear that stuff (my music) it is a result of those meet ups. I’m a member of World Changers Church International and that’s really our mission: to make a mark in the world that can never be erased.

ICG: Who are some of your musical influences?

     MIL: Beethoven, B.O.B, Jay-Z, Lecrae, Canton Jones, Luther Vandross, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp-I’m a very eclectic person and that’s why my music is as such, I take from each piece and go from there.

ICG: The album is entitled “Live Milliyonic” can you explain the inspiration behind that title?

     MIL: We inspire people to live a lifestyle that has immeasurable impact for God. During different situations, lifestyle changes, going through circumstance, you can live a life that has an impact. When you choose to live your life for Christ, you never know who you will be able to affect and touch.  This record is me, my life, my walk, my bearing of the cross.  I’m willing to stand up and live for God.  Jesus is my everything, and there’s no limit to what He will do to help me reach and make an immeasurable impact for Him. This album encompasses the lifestyle of a person is who making an immeasurable impact for God.

ICG: What producers did you work with on the album?

     MIL: Of course Canton Jones, Randy “Big Ran” Hairston (Outkast, Mase, Cam’ron, V.I.C, Canton Jones) and Brandon “Black Knight” Peavy (Lecrae, Flame, Melinda Watts).

ICG: You have a very diverse sound/style on your album, how does this aid in reaching an audience of listeners?

     MIL: My specific crowd is everybody, and (the music) nothing sounds forced.  God wasn’t just good at talking to specific people, He reached everybody. People try to put God in a box, and you can’t put God in a box. When He gives you an anointing to do music, He doesn’t give just one specific thing. If you apply yourself and you are willing, you can be good at it all. God anointed me to be able to do everything.  When you hear “Good Day”, “My Everything” and “A-Milliyon”, you hear three different flavors and you end up enjoying them all. “Good Day” is for the more traditional gospel lovers, “My Everything” your Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber kids will like that and ”A-Milliyon” is for the hip hop fans; there’s a little something for everybody.

ICG: What are your goals/expectations for the album? What do you want the listener to come away with after hearing your album?

     MIL: I want them to come away with the thought and mindset that I have the power to change the world and take over the world for Jesus, and every decision that I make has the potential to make immeasurable impact on somebody’s life.

ICG: What the next move from Milliyon after the release June 26th for the album?

     MIL: Going to be doing a lot of touring. I just came back from the One Love Gospel Cruise (Cozumel, Mexico & Grand Cayman Islands).  I’m looking forward to touring Africa and Netherlands this year as well. I have different campaigns that I work for, one being the “I Work” campaign, which brings church members and job owners together to create jobs and job training; we are bringing that to different churches with the tour. I also work with the Autism Speaks campaign, as a speaker on their behalf.

ICG: Any last thoughts for your fans?

     MIL: Remember my first single “A-Milliyon” will be available on iTunes April 10th.  The second single “Good Day” will be released May 15th. To my family (not fans) continue to Live Milliyonic, pray for me, as I pray for you and Thank You for your continued support!

So there you have it straight from the man himself! Click Here for a Music Share!! Make sure to support Milliyon’s “Live Milliyonic” and for all things Milliyon connect with him via TWITTER, FACEBOOK and his OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

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