Album Review || J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise “After This”

Being a huge fan of contemporary gospel/gospel R&P/Christian Rap, it’s still good to be connected to more traditional sounding gospel, choir music and such.  J.J. Hairston & YP’s latest effort “After This” is such a refreshing breath of air!  I’ve been playing this album on the AOL Live Listening Session.  This live-recorded album is amazing!  It was released on March 27th, so you need to hit up your local stores, or iTunes and GET THIS ALBUM! 

The mixing is at a quality high, I mean as I listen I so wish I was there, but the energy transcended onto disc very well.  Youth Praise continues to deliver amazing vocals, their maturity and growth vocally on “After This” is fantastic!  I like the whole sound and theme of the album.  It doesn’t weigh to heavy on our burdens, yet it isn’t overly “churchy”, just the right balance of ‘here is your situation’ and ‘here is what God says about it, so lets praise and thank Him!!’

In case you’re a little more picky and need more convincing,  first take a listen to: “My King” featuring a great gospel squalling vocal from Tiffany Andrews-Woodside, “After This” title track and a great anthem, “Grateful” feat. Minon Bolton, and “The Blood” feat Lashun Pace-CHILE!!!! Also I like “Reap” it’s a great way to bring this album to a close, but left me wanting more (so I hit repeat).   I will be making this album a part of my collection, as it will also be my first full album purchase from J.J. Hairston and Y.P., and you should too!! #SupportGospelMusic

3 thoughts on “Album Review || J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise “After This”

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  3. Exactly how long did it require you to post “Album Review || J.
    J. Hairston & Youthful Praise After This | I Choose Gospel”?

    It provides loads of excellent tips. Thanks a lot ,Floyd

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