Vicki Yohe “I’m At Peace” Music Video Share

Over 10 years in the gospel music industry, Vicki Yohe released her 10th album “I’m At Peace” in September of 2011.  Her lead single “I’m At Peace” is now (again) picking up radio play on major gospel stations!  I can instantly detect Vicki Yohe’s voice. I was introduced to her through a praise and worship leader at my home church a few years ago, and to this date “You Amaze Me” is my favorite tune.  I may not know all of her songs or her story, but I do know that there is something that just grabs my spirit in a sleeper hold when she sings! I so love her voice, her passion, her emotion, her simple ministry through song!  I want to share with you, the music video for “I’m At Peace”.  The project like I said was released last year, but it’s still available and is starting to pick up speed, so make your way to your local store and pick it up!  To learn more and for all things Vicki Yohe please visit her Official Website! 


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