Album Review || Andrea Helms “Moving Forward”

Sunday Best Season 4 1st Runner-up Andrea Helms released her debut EP “Moving Forward” to great response!  “Moving Forward” is an EP consisting of 7 songs remastered/rearranged to which Andrea Helms performed on the hit singing competition show, BET’s Sunday Best.  The album debuted and is currently sitting at #2 on the Billboard Top Gospel Album Charts.  Newly signed to Music World Gospel (under the leadership of Mathew Knowles) Andrea Helms joins the MWG Sunday Best brand consisting of Season 3’s Winner- Le’Andria Johnson and 1st Runner-up (and newer signee) Elder Goldwire McLendon, as well as Season 4 Winner Amber Bullock.  I voted for Andrea Helms to win on this past season, and I’ve been waiting to hear her sing again.  For the recreation and production of some of gospel’s greatest songs, H. Doobie Powell (Kim Burrell, Kelly Price, Donald Lawrence, John P. Kee, Tye Tribbett, Tonex) was brought aboard to captain this ship.  His amazing arrangements, mixing and production skill lend a magnificent hand to Andrea’s pure vocal abilities.Togeher they created a wonderful collection of praise and worship songs.

One thing that I love about Andrea Helms is that she’s not a bag of tricks, riffs and runs.  Andrea just sings! Don’t think that she can’t do the vocal tricks though, cause she can!!! To me, Andrea is a worshipper with a clear, consistent voice.  You can instantly feel and hear the anointing on her.  She sings with purpose, this isn’t just entertainment for her.  Her song choices on the show and what she’s given us on the EP show that it’s more about the message and to Whom she is representing and being used as a vessel for.  Yet, Andrea still has this thing that keeps you engaged and entertained! Which is one of the reasons why I believe she went as far as she did in the Sunday Best competition.  For me she was relatable, so genuine and real.

My favorite track on EP is the title track “Moving Forward” a duet with winner Amber Bullock.  They both performed the Ricardo Sanchez/Israel Houghton tune together on the finale of the show, but I am glad that this track appears on Andrea’s album.  As different as the two are vocally, they do a great job of bouncing off of each other. I enjoy that, plus Andrea’s singing is so passionate that she makes lyrics jump and pierce your heart! I also enjoyed “Because of Who You Are”, mostly because of the awesome arrangement towards the end, Doobie Powell just grooves so good with this track.  “Encourage Yourself” well, I just be in my feelings cause if Sheri Jones-Moffett isn’t singing, then I become a tough critic! LOL! But Andrea did a pretty good job, so no complaints.  “Changed” Andrea’s testimony track; Oh the glory of knowing that God is a God of second chances, a God of deliverance, a God of restoration!! How awesome it is to just worship Him and declare His righteousness along with Andrea!  “I Love The Lord” just sends me out! *cue the altar workers* I love how Doobie and Andrea kept the integrity of the song, by not switching up the melody too much, yet still making it their own; the background singers, YAS!! “Yesterday” a great and heartfelt take on the popular Mary Mary tune, which is a feat in itself, cause Tina and Erica SANG that song! “The Heavens Are Telling (A Mighty God We Serve)” beautifully done; I remember this one from the show; nothing is lost here!

I love Andrea’s overall sound on this CD.  I don’t know if this tells us fully though in which direction (traditional gospel, contemporary, CCM) she will take once she records original tunes, and I like that! Keeps us guessing and wanting more.  I definitely hear her role-models Cindy Ratcliff and Martha Munizzi in her sound, as well I would say Vicki Yohe.  I am extremely happy for Andrea.  With the success Music World Gospel is having with the Sunday Besters, It is time for a Sunday Best Tour!!! Come On Somebody!!!!!  You can purchase “Moving Forward” online and in stores everywhere. Follow Andrea Helms on Twitter and for more info (booking, etc.) hit up the Official Website!

2 thoughts on “Album Review || Andrea Helms “Moving Forward”

  1. II Chronicles 26:4-5

    “He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, just as his father Amaziah had done. He sought God during the days of Zechariah, who instructed him in the fear of God. As long as he sought the LORD, God gave him success.”
    hi how your day;;;dot

  2. i loved this song prais the lord i sing it in choir

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