Dihvyne Love: Shyloh and Donyea “You” New Music!!

I first told you about Shyloh and Donyea when they released their cover of Matthew West’s “Stronger”.   Well, they are back this time with an original song entitled “You”.  I may come off biased in support of these two, because  we are Youtube/Twitter friends, but honestly when I remark on the wonderful music these two create, it’s an honest unbiased opinion.  “You” is the first song of what I hope is many more to come! A worshipper at heart, anytime Shyloh sings that is what you will get.  An amazing producer who leaves his heart in his music, Donyea is an excellent compliment to Shyloh’s gift.  I think I’ve said before how I love how he is able to pull something “different” out of Shyloh, but still allow her to maintain who she uniquely is.

I truly like what they create together.  I never had an idea of what type of music Shyloh would create if she were to do something original, so I was pleasantly surprised by this first single. “You” is this great fusion of gospel, contemporary gospel, neo-soul and R&B.  The track produced by Donyea gives great support while making Shyloh’s vocal very smooth and light. The lyrics are very relatable and relevant. “This single expresses the everyday struggles and challenges of life. It invokes perseverance, gratitude and how the words that we speak are powerful; negative or positive. It’s important not to allow our circumstances to cause us to doubt God’s sovereignty. Shyloh & Donyea minister this song of inspiration by openly expressing their will to worship to a consistent God through their ever-changing lives.”-CDBaby/Shyloh & Donyea

“You” is available on CDBaby, Amazon.com, iTunes and Spotify for download.  You will not be disappointed in supporting Shyloh and Donyea.  I can’t wait to hear more. I’m curious to hear what else these two have up their sleeves, cause with them you never know! #SupportGospelMusic.


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