5 Thoughts on Gospel…Part 3

1. So Paula White is now the new Senior Pastor over New Destiny Christian Center. Well not everyone is happy about that! I don’t know where I stand. I haven’t kept up with Pastor White since her divorce from her husband and then her suing Randy Coggins for stealing members from her church! *insert heavy sigh and eye rolls*  Anyhoo, Riva Tims ex-wife to Pastor Zachary Tims (who died in August 2011),  helped co-found NDCC alongside her late ex-husband, quickly voiced her disapproval of the board of NDCC choosing Pastor White as the new Senior Pastor. She even filed a lawsuit against the church’s board members calling it a conspiracy to keep her from her rightful place as successor after Pastor Zachary Tims’ death. Now it seems Riva Tims has withdrawn her lawsuit after a stipulation in her divorce agreement voids her from being able to sue the church.  I’m just gonna leave this one to the Lord, it hurts to see christian folks going through things like this, but for more info Go Here!

2. The Stellar Awards Weekend is upon us and I will be in the building!!! I’m too excited! I will have pics, vids and all that I can get to share that experience with you all.  It is the 27th Annual Award ceremony, but this is my first time going! Can’t wait. Tons of gospel events will be going on in the city of Nashville, TN. I really hope I get to meet & greet some of my favs!!!

3. BET Sunday Best Season 2 Finalist Latice Crawford is now signed to Verity Records!!!! So this small framed Big Voice Diva will be gracing us with more of her lovely gift! I didn’t watch Season 2 of Sunday Best, so I’m happy to dig into more of the artist that come from that era.  Jessica Reedy is my fav from that season, and I like Y’anna Crawley I just feel like she needs a do-over! Anyhoo, proud of the work Sunday Besters are getting into, it helps to make the show more credible! Bring on Season 5!!!!

4. If you haven’t downloaded High Societies: Circa MMXI Mixtapeor Chris Clark’s: Admission Mixtape, Fool Go Get Your Life!!!!

5. This whole Mathew Knowles & Cathy Hughes battle is SAD! So last month Cathy Hughes banned Music World Gospel/Music World Music Artists music from being played or mentioned on any Radio One radio stations after filing a lawsuit against Knowles, MTV and BET, over ‘copyrights’ to the Essence Music Festival showing(s). Hughes is the CEO of Radio One and TV ONE, and chile I guess she wanted Mathew to feel her wrath where it is surely to hurt him! You can go HERE and get all of the dish on the banning and the lawsuits as well as Mathews response. I hate this for MWG artist and I am steaming at Mrs Hughes.  She’s gone to far in my opinion with the banning of these artists music (LeAndria Johnson, Amber Bullock, Trin-i-tee 5:7, Brian Courtney Wilson and Micah Stampley) all of whom have current music in radio play. Radio One is possibly the largest gospel music radio outlet and by these artist not being able to have their music played on such a major station is detrimental to their album sales. This reeks of a bitter divorce fight where the parents take jabs at each other by using the kids. *SMH* I pray this ban is lifted soon and they can settle other matters in a more adult fashion!

So those are my 5 Thoughts on Gospel this week, What Say YOU?!!


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