Album Review || Amber Bullock ( @singamber ) “Thank You”

So today is the day that Amber Bullock, winner of BET’s Sunday Best Season 4, releases her EP entitled “Thank You”.  Now signed to Mathew Knowles’ Music World Gospel label and having just wrapped a tour with Kirk Franklin, Issac Carree and Deon Kipping, Amber is really starting out her musical career on some really high notes! Now, I knew that I was going to mostly likely pick up the project, but I didn’t think that I would like it as much as I do. So this 7 track EP features production from Eric Dawkins and consists of studio version remixes/covers of some of the songs Amber did on the show.  Let’s dig in!!

Track 1- Thank You Lord- This Walter Hawkins track is the lead single from the EP. I like the backing track to this, as most Walter Hawkins covers make me cringe at times, cause it takes a really great vocalist to pull of a Hawkins tune and Amber hits the ball out of the park here! It is probably my favorite track! I could listen to the ending vamp forever, yes, this track is too short for me!!

Track 2- For Every Mountain I demanded this track to be on her album and I take it she was afraid of what my backlash would consist of if she didn’t adhere to my “requests”! LOL, J/K!! At first listen, I wasn’t feeling the jazzed out rendition, but that only lasted for like 30 seconds! I love how she flipped this for the EP! Another Favorite!! I’m laid out!

Track 3- We Must Praise- By now Amber is doing her good singing! Another Favorite! Eric is giving it to me with the creative, refreshing backing tracks! I love it!  Here Amber gives us just enough jazz and balances it with some good ol’churchy sanging!

Track 4- If It Had Not Been For The Lord- So you’re thinking high marks for this one as well, huh?  Actually this is my least favorite on the EP. I like the original song better. I don’t’s still a good track, just not my favorite, like, I will probably skip over this from time to time on a straight listen.

Track 5- How Great Is Our God- Her vocals are still banging.  I felt like this track wasn’t as full as it could have been. I wanted more background vocals assisting in some parts. I think I prefer the original song on this one too, but I do really like her version, so I see myself growing to it very soon, cause the girl just sangs!!!!

Track 6- Secrete Place- I really like how this seems to not be changed up too much.  Such a great song and great song choice to showcase Ambers’ ability to just sing without all of the fancy stuff!! I love it! Laid out again!! #GloRay

Track 7- A City Called Heaven- Here Amber shows us her jazzy vocal tricks again! She delivers this song again as flawless as she did when she performed it on the show! Just Wow!

Final Thoughts: I didn’t expect to like the EP as much as I do! I wasn’t even thinking of blogging about it! Eric Dawkins is a great producer, the tracks are good, the production isn’t as intricate but we have to remember that this is an EP (Extended Play), it’s just a preview of what we can expect once a real album comes out.  This EP to me does have that”this is my demo”-ish feel to it.  I’m definitely looking forward to more fuller produced tracks, with more exquisite elements to it.  Amber’s vocal skills is what carries this EP for me though.  Her album I hear is slated for a Spring of 2012 release. I say get this EP it will tie you over til then! No need in giving this a rating, as it’s just an EP, a preview of things to come! Great Job Amber, I can’t WAIT to hear more!! Pick up “Thank You” on iTunes , Amazon or in stores NOW! #SupportGospelMusic

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