Album Review || Maurette Brown Clark ( @maurettebclark ) “The Sound of Victory”

Time to dig into Maurette Brown Clark’s fourth album release, “The Sound of Victory”. Maurette has been on the scene since 1998 and has had an incredible career ever since. I’ve only really gotten into her chart topping singles (Just Wanna Thank You, One God & It Ain’t Over), but with this release, I really wanted to know Maurette Brown Clark as more than a singles girl.  So I made myself purchase the whole project! Let’s get to it and see if I got what I wanted!

Track 1- Breaking of Day- Go Spanky, Go Spanky Go!! Yes, for this track I have to give it to the band! This is a great way to open up this live album! I love the recording. Smooth vocal performance from Ms. Clark and her background singers!!

Track 2-I Live To Praise Him- This is an experience song! Maurette even lets us know that “We’re having church tonight!!” This song is an anthem reminding us why God created us in the first place, and no one can take away that right!

Track 3- I Hear The Sound (of Victory)- The lead single off of the album. This is classic Maurette! She is a praise and worship leader and operates in that role perfectly! This is probably my favorite track and is the reason why I decided to purchase the whole album. Such an encouraging track it is. Keep pressing church folk our victory is on the way!

Track 4- Awesome God- Here the album slows down and we get into the worship element of this project. This track ties with Track 3, as my favorite. This song builds and the energy of praise to God rises with each verse! And finally I just go off when they hit the “You are an Awesome God, Oh, You!” vamp!! Yas, Sang background!!! Take us higher Maurette!!!

Track 5- He’s Alive- Umm, Tashia loves the kids, but Tashia didn’t know they were going to sing the whole song! LOL! But I do smile all the way through it! This song reminds me of something Sounds of Blackness would do. I love that vibe! The kids really put their all into this track and child, I’m more than happy to hear them singing about our God being Alive, than some of this other mess that we allow our children to sing and listen to. (insert reference to those little girls singing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass).

Track 6- Don’t Be Discouraged (God Will See You Through)- We’ve all had it rough these past few years. New changes and new seasons are coming to us all. Some are being beaten up, and their faith is wavering.  This track really ministers that God is coming to rescue us, if He brings us to it, He will bring us through it! So we can’t be discouraged! Minister to us Maurette! I love the ending vamps! So glad that is a live album, I really feel like I was there! So organic!!

Track 7- Worship You Lord- Maurette picks it back up a little here, and the background vocalist do work again! I just really enjoy the vocals of this song, so jazzy! They do a great job of blending different musical styles on this track. It’s here on this track that I feel like this is now the concert part of this recording. Not that a message isn’t being heralded, but for me, it’s just a cool song to listen to.

Track 8- Jesus I Love You- I feel the same about this track as I do its predecessor.  The groove is smooth, reminds me of something Earth, Wind and Fire would bang out. The band is really doing their thing on this album and this track showcases that again!

Track 9- Earth Has No Sorrow- Maurette does her good singing here! If folks doubted her skills as a vocalist…umm you need to check this track out! I really like the classical touches. Simply beautiful! There is no sorrow here on earth that heaven can not heal! The song just blossoms as it continues to go and we get back to the element of worship! I love it! And the opra-ish ending! LOL! YAS!

Track 10- My Faith Looks Up To Thee- Here Maurette just lets her churchy side out! She continues the same vibe in this track as in Earth Has No Sorrow. This time accompanied by an organ! She takes the time to break down that we are not only to be “holy’ unto the Lord, but “wholly” unto Him! I just love hearing her passion for Christ!

Track 11- Even In The Rain- This is a beautiful song. Just relaxes you and gives you the feeling that God got ya back. For that is what they are singing about. Don’t worry, God is working in your situations and issues, even in the rain!! God takes no days off, so just sit back and let this track minister to you! My heart leaps on this track!

Track 12- He Is Able– Bringing this album to a close and putting a great cap and final additive to the experience that is this album; He Is Able sends you out feeling ready and full to take on anything, the enemy tries to throw at you! Just a few vocal theatrics here, but this track really isn’t about theatrics, it’s about the message. So the track isn’t overbearing, it gives just enough to get you up and clapping!

Final Thoughts: Overall, a really good album. It puts me in the mind frame of Martha Munizzi’s “Make It Loud” album.  Maurette’s “The Sound of Victory” is a great collection of songs and testaments that speak to current and relevant struggles that we can all relate to.  The album uplifts and reminds us that our Victory is right around the corner so don’t give up and give in! We serve an Awesome God!! This is my first full album purchase from Ms. Maurette Brown Clark and I am happy that I purchased the whole album! She is certianly more than a singles girl, so if you haven’t gotten this album, or her past albums, you are missing out! Since I can’t compare this against her other works, I gladly give this album a 3.5 out of 5! This is a must have for your collection! It’s traditional with some contemporary elements to it! Love Maurette’s vocal performance! I love her passion and that God allows her to utilize her gifts, talents and skills to make a living out of ministering in songs to His people! She is very effective and powerful and is worthy of being called, the Princess of Praise and Worship! Get into all things Maurette Brown Clark by visiting her awesome Official Webpage! And, Pick up the album in stores everywhere or download on iTunes! #SupportGospelMusic

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