@NickiMinaj ‘s Mother To Release a Gospel Album?!! Say WHAT?!!

Okay, so I DVR-ed the rest of the American Music Awards, and as I fast-forward through majority of it, I didn’t realize that I should have stopped to listen to Nicki Minaj as she gave her second acceptance speech while being awarded her second AMA for the night. So I read on Praise Houston Webpage  that mother Minaj is going to release a gospel album and already has a publicist! ….OKAY!!! Well, I can’t sit here and judge cause I don’t know the passion, gifts, talents and calling Christ has for anyone. But I really do hope that Mother Minaj has been called and isn’t just doing this to get out there for whatever reason. I watched Nicki’s MTV documentary way back when and I gained a lot of respect for Nicki as a person.  She revealed then some of the struggles her mother went through, so I believe that her mother would have a story to tell and that someone could be inspired by her testimony! So I will keep my ears open and yes Miss Nicki you have to do  a feature!!! Can you imagine that?!!!


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