Amber Bullock @singamber Readies New EP Release

Sunday Best Season 4 Winner Amber Bullock, now an artist on Music World Gospel/Music World Entertainment, headed by Mathew Knowles, is gearing up to release an EP “Thank You” on December 6, 2011.  That was fast!! Typically we have to wait a year or so, before we any music from the Sunday Best winners. However, MWG is moving forward! The EP will consist of studio recorded songs that Amber sang on the Sunday Best! I am delighted that Kurt Carr’s-For Every Mountain, made the cut! It will be good to hear from Amber though, I think the move is a bit premature.  She will also be featured in a duet with Le’Andria Johnson on her Christmas Best album coming in December as well!

I just hope that pushing this EP out with the full and real album release in early 2012, isn’t setting her up for failure.  I know we are ready to hear from her, but I personally don’t like rushed albums! BUT I’m excited for her too! LOL! Anyhoo, the first single “Thank You” by Walter Hawkins (my FAVORITE Hawkins song BTW) is expected to be released next month! Let’s keep the prayers going for Amber Bullock and MWG!


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