@TimBowmanJr feat. @vickiwinans “He Will” Official Music Video

Aye!! So I’m super hype!!! I just love it when artist/celebs tweet their fans back. I just got a tweet back from both Tim Bowman and Vickie Winans!! A few days ago I checked out the new video from Tim Bowman Jr. entitled “He Will”, mainly because it featured Vickie Winans, and I so heart her! But to my surprise Mr. Bowman blew me away! Then I remembered that this dude was featured in Vickie Winans’ “How I Got Over” and child, Mr. Bowman did the thing then too!! “He Will” is the first single from the debut album “Beautiful” which is due to be released on February 7, 2012. The single is available now on iTunes . I just love his vocal stylings, and of course when ya pops is a jazz legend musician/artist, you better have great chops!!! I am a new fan of Tim Jr.’s, so I look forward to the album when it drops! Check out the video below and be sure to connect with Tim online!

One thought on “@TimBowmanJr feat. @vickiwinans “He Will” Official Music Video

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