Album Review || Jessica Reedy ( @JessicaReedy ) “From The Heart”

On, September 27, 2011, the highly anticipated debut album from BET Sunday Best Season 2 1st runner-up, Jessica Reedy, “From The Heart” was released! Whew! It’s been a long time coming! Folks were checking for this album since before she even got signed to Light Records! I, myself, missed out on season 2 of Sunday Best, so I knew nothing of this Jessica Reedy chick, whom everyone spoke so highly of. My fanship (is that a word cause I use it a lot?), of Ms. Reedy started to grow as the things I was hearing about her peaked my interest.

I took to Youtube and other Gospel sites for videos of performances and interviews and started learning who Jessica Reedy is. I’ve grown to really love and admire this young lady! “From The Heart” is an album that is truly worthy of its title. Jessica released an album that far exceeded my expectations, mainly b/c I truly don’t know what I was expecting! In recent months we’ve had albums that make us groove and move and still praise and worship Christ, but Jessica’s album does that and  makes you sit down and think!! It’s such an AMAZING project! It does not disappoint!

Jessica stays urban on tracks like “So In Love With You (Amazing)” , “Doctor Love ft Faith Evans” & “Put It On The Alter”. Then takes us to church with tracks like “Moving Forward”, “God Has Smiled On Me”, “I’m Still Here ft. Soul Seekers” and then journeys with us deeper into worship and thought on tracks like “Always”, “What About Me” “Blue God”-penned by Mali Music and still has room to give us more! I can’t pick my favorite for I’m an emotional mess on all levels with this album! I truly love the whole album!! I will go on record saying that this is the best album from Any Sunday Best contestant!! I pray for the continued ministry that Jessica is doing! To God be all the Glory for her and this album! I defiantly give this album a confident 4 out of 5! What is your favorite track, if you can pick one?! Don’t have the album yet, get to your local music store or download off of iTunes and Amazon!! #SupportGospelMusic

One thought on “Album Review || Jessica Reedy ( @JessicaReedy ) “From The Heart”

  1. Amazing Artist, Amazing Voice and an OUTSTANDING CD, Good JOB Jessica GOD BLESS YOU. All the way from SAGINAW,MI Love Ya! ❤

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