Album Review || Ambassador “Stop The Funeral”

 Ambassador is BACK!!! In Stores NOW-Stop The Funeral!!!!
Track 1. A-M: Love That Beat!!! Amba is back!!
Track 2. Get With Us ft. Sean Simmonds:  Sean Simmonds just had a whole ‘notha swag that I’ve never heard! Loved it!
Track 3. Mind Made Up: Love that he recognizes that it wasn’t “his time to go”, yes God is a God of Redemption!
Track 4. Pop Pop Pop: Heard him talk about this on the webinar! Loved the concept, God sees us!

Track 5. Up Down ft. Charmaine: Like the encouragement of when your down, there’s no where but up, but warns you when your up, you can be brought down! Nice vocals from Charmaine!

Track 6. Favor ft. Canton Jones: Know nothing about the “controversy”, but i do like Canton, Favor ain’t fair! Thank God for it though!

Track 7. Bring You Out ft. Melissa T: Feeling the message, something grimy, raw and rough and messy about the production, but I LIKE IT LIKE THAT! HA!

Track 8. Talk This Way:This is aight, I gotta get more into the lyrics, but it reminds me of the saying ‘no testimony without a test’, but also has this cocky vibe to it.

Track 9. Crumbs ft. Jessica Reedy: Saw Jessica Reedy’s name and was like YASSSS!! Her album comes out soon and she will Rock! LOL, can’t review this song just yet, Jessica distracted me!

Track 10. Trust In You ft. Mali Music: How can you not love Mali Music?!! This had a 70’s retro vibe! Someone call Shaft!!

Track 11. Nothing Like Us ft. Ryan Stevenson & Charmaine: The beat on this from jump is hot, Great for the Summer! I need a video, Charmaine and Ryan great vocals! Great Love song to Christ!

Track 12. Your Love ft. KJ52 & Michelle Bonilla: That guitar riff in the beginning, screams the passion of this song, then Michelle Bonilla and her vocals, I feel like this is way different for Amba, but I love it! A lot of emotion, I want a video for this too! KJ52 was a great choice for a feature, as I was thinking that Eminem would rip this beat apart!

Track 13. Put It Down: At first i was like this needs a feature from Flame! But I feel like this is the old Amba that we’ve grown to love! Great Track!!! Put It Down Amba!!!

Track 14. The Reunion Cypha ft. God’s Servant, J.A.Z., Shai Linne, C-Lite, Cruz Cordero & DJ Wade-O: From the title i KNEW that this would be just straight up tight, melodic flows that spoke truth and grace unto Christ, and I was right! Not familiar with God’s Servant, JAZ and Cruz, but I have heard of Shai Linne and C-Lite and I think DJ Wade-O, I like this! This is HIP HOP, This is RAP!

Final Thoughts: WOW! Glad to see Amba restored, glad about the webinars on DaSouth, Glad to get inside thoughts straight from the horse’s mouth! Can’t pick a favorite yet, but I do like this album! its fresh, relevant, not filled with a bunch of “let me hide what I did” feel. I will be buying this! I have other Ambassador songs in my
iTunes Library but this will be the first Ambassador album I fully purchase! Its
Christ centered, word centered and has great production! Right now, I give it a 3
out of 5, probably will be in the 3.5-possible 4 range, after I purchase and
marinate on it more! God Bless Ambassador!

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